Reflection Essay Introduction: A key skill in life is personal reflection. From reflection, you can learn more about yourself and your experiences. Moreover, reflection allows you to enhance your critical thinking skills.
This assignment asks you to reflect upon your skills in this course in a structured, detailed, honest reflection essay. From this task, you will learn more about your growth in class and how to apply this experience to future experiences.
For your final assignment, your task is to reflect critically on your experience within the course. To do so, you will write a 1-2 page reflection essay.
In this reflection, you should consider the knowledge, skills, and growth you’ve achieved as a student, as a writer, and as a scholar of the three disciplines in the course. You should address your high-points and low- points in the semester as well as the times you have faced obstacles or difficulties.
Above all, you should make an argument about your experience in the course. Like any strong piece, you should frame your reflection around a central claim – a thesis – about your experience in ENG 112.
In your paragraphs, you will reference specific examples that illustrate your experience in the course; these examples will mostly derive from class assignments. Your aim is to show your experience in the class as you make an argument about your overall growth within the course.
In this essay writer, you should: Consider all the knowledge you have learned in this course and assess that in your final reflection. Explain–in detail– what you have learned about writing in each discipline specifically. Point to the future.
In the latter part of your essay, make sure you discuss how you will use your course experience in future classes and life experiences.
As you write these final reflections, please take time to write a critical, astute analysis of your experience in the course!
When I grade your work, I will look for the following:
o An organized essay, which begins with a clear thesis about your experiences.
o Detailed paragraphs, with clear, specific evidence.
o Astute analysis of evidence and its connection to your overall growth.
o A mature and honest reflection.