May i request to write my paper I have uploaded readings and slides for the paper, please integrate/relate them with writing. Please include proper citation (Limit using to much quotes/phrase directly from the readings/slides) Explain each concepts in several sentences 1. Social Contructionism (as it relates to sexuality) 2. Biological determinism (as it relates to sexuality) 3. Sexual Politics 4. Sexual regulation Write a short paragraph for each of the following terms that identifies the context for the term as well as its historical significance in relation to our study of \”Sexuality in the city\”in the late 19th and early 20th centuries (Readings) 1. Furnished-room districts 2. Opium Dens 3. White Slavery 4. Bowery Resorts 5. Primitivism (Most Important)Write an essay of approximately 750 words (each part 1 and 2) in response to both of the following questions. Your essay should have an INTRODUCTION, a CONCLUSION and several BODY paragraphs that develop your main ideas and present substantive supporting evidence. 1. From the 1870s through the 1920s, U.S. cities underwent significant change in relationship to sexual meanings and practices- so much so that the period is characterized as a \”sexual revolution.\”
Write an essay that explores the following questions: WHAT and WHO were the catalysts of this sexual revolution? What were some of the newly emerging sexual meanings and practices? How were city dweller\’s experiences of the sexual revolution shaped by differences of race, class and gender? 2. From the 1870s through the 1920s, the U.S. underwent significant shifts in relationship to the legal regulation of sexuality.Write an essay that compares three different areas of law and policy making (miscegenation laws, Mann Act, Chinese exclusion/Page Act, Venereal disease control, etc). What were the catalysts for these laws and policies? What interests groups helped to establish them, and what were their underlying assumptions and ideologies?
What were the impacts of these legal or policy initiatives on the populations they targeted, and on the broader culture? Your essay will be evaluated based on how well it demonstrates your grasp of the course content and on its level of specificity and nuance. I will also evaluate the structure of your argument and essay. CITING YOUR SOURCES: Proper usage of quotation marks and the author-page method of in-text citation is required for all direct quotes. At all costs, avoid quoting heavily from the course materials. Restrict your quotations to partial sentences and/or distinctive phrases, any of which must be placed in quotation marks and followed by an in-text citation. Practice proper citation: author-page number system of in-text citation is sufficient.

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