How Fast Can You Write An Essay?
Several factors influence your ability to write an essay within a given period. For instance, how much time do you have before the deadline elapses? Do you have prior knowledge of this topic or is it just an opinion essay about some random topic? We cannot ignore the effect of external factors such as disturbances, the active tabs on your computer, and access to useful resources related to the topic that you want to handle.
Writing a personal essay about your weekend experience or a reflection essay on the previous week’s learning will vary from writing a paper that requires extensive research and the acknowledgment of outside sources. At, our experts are waiting for your inquiry.
Whereas the papers are set on deadlines such as 8hrs, 12hrs or 24hrs, we appreciate the fact that some papers such as dissertation proposals and the actual dissertations could take two weeks to three months. Much time is spent on the research itself rather than the writing.
With everything set and prior research carried out, a 500-words essay would take about sixty to one hundred minutes while a 1000-words essay would take about two to three hours. You can avoid being in tight situations where you have to rush your essay through proper planning because faster may not always be the best.
You can write faster if you can have access to the information required in completing the essay with minimal errors before you dive into proper editing and proofreading to eliminate errors that might deny you those coveted points that you are seeking.
The following table shows approximate time of writing an essay after prior research has been carried out. Mind that your productivity drops as you dive into writing bigger essays and you might have to take some rest or research more along the way.
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Length Pages Active Writing Time Ideal Sources Needed
100 words essay   20 minutes  
250 words essay 1 50 minutes 1
300 words essay 1 60 minutes 2
500 words essay 2 100 minutes 3
600 words essay 2.5 2 hours 5
800 words  essay 3 2 hours 30 minutes 5
1000 words essay 4 3 hours 5
1250 words essay 5 4 hours 6
1500 words essay 6 5 hours 6
1750 words essay 7 5 hours 30 minutes 9
2000 words essay 8 6 hours 10
2500 words essay 10 8 hours 12
3000 words essay 12 10 hours 16
4000 words essay 16 12 hours 20
5000 words essay 20 16 hours 24
6000 words essay 24 19 hours 30 minutes 30
7000 words essay 28 22 hours 32
8000 words essay 32 26 hours 38
10000 words essay 40 32 hours 46

How Much Do You Charge for Writing an Essay?
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Is buying essays online safe and legit?
Various factors may force you to use our service like a stressful job, travel, family commitment sickness, or just wishing to have your essay edited and polished before submission. Buying and ordering custom essays only in truly useful when you want to free your schedule.
Some factors that you should consider when buying an essay online that will guarantee the safety that you need include anonymity, plagiarism, use of current and relevant sources, money back guarantees, and timely delivery to your satisfaction.
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