BUS401 – International Business
Module 3 – SLP
Global Human Resource Management
SLP3 Assignment
This SLP will focus on human resources and human resource strategies and policies and practices that may impact on your the ease of doing business in your country.
Examine the folloiwng websites and papers:
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Health Index from UNDP: http://undp.org
World Bank Indicators: Crime, Literacy, Secondary Enrollment, Fertility, Other Health Measures at http://worldbank.org
Paper by Prof. Barro on Health Click Here to Read
Paper by Prof. Barro on Education Click Here to Read
Please write a 2 page paper, analyzing information about education and health issues on the ease of doing business in your country. Post your assignment to Coursenet.
SLP 3 Assignment Expectations
• Continue to write about the country you selected in Module 1.
• Write 2 pages discussing the human resources affect the ease of doing business in your country. Use examples from various measures to illustrate human resource issues and level of development inyour country.
• List supporting references and cite sources.
• Use appropriate writing style (organization, grammar, & spelling- see Writing Guidelines).
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Scenerio Given: Assume that you are the new Human Resource director at Human Solutions Software, Inc (the case study presented in our Course Resources under modules), and you have already made a presentation to the CEO and the board on the need for Human Resource planning and the strategic role that HR must play in the organization. After that presentation, and having read the research on managing human resources strategically, the CEO has been thinking about how the senior staff in your organization are selected. As a result, she has asked you to propose a new selection method for senior employees.
Her directive to you is to prepare a short (five-page) proposal that includes a description of the approaches available to you; your analysis of the costs and benefits associated with each approach; and metrics you will use as you assess your choices and make your decision. Then you are to close your proposal with a discussion of your recommended approach and include your arguments to defend your choice. Must use scholarly Journals/Periodicals, Peer reviewed or other scholarly sources that are NOT more than 4 years old.

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