This is a Global Politics Essay. It should be an original (no plagiarism), persuasive analysis which relates to the topic I have chosen. It must be written in political terminology.

Also, it must be cited in MLA format. The intro: this needs to be about half a page, and needs to consist of a hook – this grabs the readers attention, Nutshell – give the question and the argument, Roadmap – this is the overview to the reader of how the essay is going to be structured. Background information – this needs to be one page. Pro and Con – this needs to be 4 pages.

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Analysis: this is the debate argument and you need to choose a side which you agree with, this is very crucial to the essay. Conclusion – this needs to be half a page. I have chosen to write my essay on the Greek government debt crisis, and it must be written according to the grading standards featured in the essay prompt that is attached. The thesis of this essay should cover a discussion of the following:
1) What are the pros and cons of Germany bailing Greece out 2) Conditionally, the IMF\’s facilitation of the Greek bailout 3) Whether the Greek population supports the austerity measures.

The essay must include an introduction to the crisis, a continuing timeline of the crisis and the implications of major events related to the discussion topics with in-depth arguments. It must end with a concise conclusion with an analysis to back it up. Thank you.

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