Critical Literature Review of Globalization and Higher Education
I. Critical Literature Analysis (due week 3 and week 6) (1-2 pages) Assignment goal: The critical literature analysis assignment is designed both to help you in your final assignment research, and to help develop analytical skills for reading scholarly work in general. Assignment description: For this assignment, you should choose an empirical, peer-reviewed article from an academic journal, published between 2012-2018. The article should address any area of higher education covered thus far in the course—potentially also one that you will be focusing on for your final paper. Once you have read the article, prepare a critical analysis, including (1) a summary of the author(s)’ main ideas, and (2) a critical analysis and evaluation of the author(s)’ ideas. In your paper, discuss how this article relates to, contradicts, or further develops ideas presented in readings in class (citing class readings will be relevant to making your case). To help you with this analysis, here are some questions to keep in mind: • What is the significance of this article? • What are the author(s)’ main points? • To what extent is the author(s)’ contribution original? • How logical are the views presented in the article? • How appropriate and clear are the author(s)’ methodology? • To what extent are the author(s)’ findings supporting and or being supported by the relevant literature? • Who is the intended audience? How appropriate is this article to the intended audience? • To what extent has/have the author(s) thoroughly researched the topic? • How valid are the author(s)’ conclusions? • What questions did you have for the author(s) after reading this article? • What is your final view on the value of this article? For a list of peer-reviewed academic journals in education, please go to the course information tab.

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