Google Glass Privacy

I need a script on Google Glass in New York based on the story pitch and interview quotes below. Please use the Taxi Double Parking Outside Mosque script as a guide. The glass script will need to include the following roles: Anchor Intro, Host, and Character (Craig Elimeliah). The idea here is to come up with something to say for the Anchor Intro (2 -3 sentences) and Host (sentences throughout the script). The function of the host is to act as a narrator and guide the story using select quotes from Craig’s interview. Again, please read the sample script as a guide on what is expected for the glass script. Please include the most important quotes from Craig’s interview below in the story script: Craig 3:68- You have to look at Google’s agenda.
If you look at their mission statement, it’s organizing the world’s data for the benefit of everyone. 5:47- You can read between the lines there. There’s the benefit of us in having all of this data organized for us in order to be extensions of our mind. Prehistoric man had the stick and we have this (reaches for iPhone) 6:15- What glass is attempting to do is become more of a native data capture mechanism. 6:26- I come from two worlds. I come from the technology world and the start up world, but I’m also an advertising man through and through and merged the two together, so I kinda see things from both lenses. 6:39- So, from a data lense…everyone is looking to do things natively. We’re trying to remove all the barriers and friction.
So rememeber the minority report where everything just happened…you walked into a store “hello what can I get you” right? So, it’s really about removing all the friction between the data we give and the data we get right? 7:10- You know Google’s MO, is how do we get as much data as possible? And then do stuff with it. 7:20- So, this was the first step (picks up iphone), we poor our lives into these devices…our pictures, our dates, our kids, our calendars, everything we do, we poor into these things. This is our main form of communication, but everything is getting captured. Everything we post of facebook, every tweet, everything we buy, all…there’s this aggregate data that makes up everything we do as people. 7:50- Glass really was an experiment in, what if we were able to capture data in a more ambient way. It’s less about getting people to do things because people don’t report things accurately.
You will never see a picture of me when I first wake up in the morning. Why would I want that to be on theinternet. 8:18-You will never see….the majority people of sharing is positive. We tend to shine a positive light on our lives as hard as it may be. 8:32- I did a study. I set up a platform to capture images from New York City. New York City is a pretty rough place right? It’s not easy to live in New York City…you gotta have thick skin. And you look at all the pictures and it looks like this utopia of happiness. And there’s no friction between getting from point a to point b…it’s like, here I am.
I’m here at this beautiful café, but you don’t know that I got bumped 3 times, got into a fight, and the subway was late, and you know my metro card didn’t work. Like all that friction is never captured. 9:09- So as a technology company, Google’s looking for ways to capture pure data to be able to create a really holistic and true representation of the way we behave as people in the form of data. 9:28- Putting something on your face, right? So it’s kinda like we’ve all imaged we had cameras in our eyes. So we can look at something becautiful and look at it and say wow that’s like really beautiful. And take a camera, but it doesn’t look the same in the camera.
9:47- So, we think…what’s going on? Why am I not capturing what I’m seeing. 9:57- Google said, hey…why don’t we take this (picks up phone) and put it on people’s face? And get them to just be? 10:09- Be a more native data capture device 10:17- Glass is nowhere near what it should be.
It’s very clunky, you have to touch it, you have to do head motions, you have to turn your head, 10:28- like this is a touch device, so if I was sitting here talking to you and I’m doing this (touches glasses) and then also the screen looks about 4 feet away up until the corner here, so I wouldn’t be looking at you like this….it would be doing this…which is kinda weird, right? So, you’d be sitting there like…it’s almost worst than us talking and me just sitting here doing this…(picks up phone).
It’s kina weird. 10:59- I think that fashion and technology have a bit of synergy because fashion represents so much of how we express ourselves as human beings. And if we can somehow marry those two worlds and be able to capture the same essence, which we portray in fashion through technology using fashion then I think google will then achieve their goal of, wow�€”here’s a true capture of this particular person….who they are and where they go and what they do. Until we get there…it’s all going to be self-reporting. 11:46-Your’e not going to see the bad stuff…you’re not going to see the embarrassing stuff. You’re not going to see stuff that’s controversial, right? 11:57-I know they’re working on a deal with Warbi Parker to get them into the Warbi Parker frames to become more natural. 12:06- Once it’s integrated into a more natural looking piece of fashion and it’s kinda always on and it’s ambient and you don’t even know it’s there. Then I think we’ll be at a point where we’ll start seeing some really interesting stuff. 12:30-But right now it’s way too clunk. You have to have a phone. 12:41- You have to have an android phone. 12:45-
One of the big disappointments for me when I picked them up was they said you need to have an android phone. So I have an iphone, I said no problem. Called upstairs get me an android phone, they got me an android phone. I went down and I’m like…I got my android phone. Then it’s your data plan activated? What? Oh, you need to have a hot spot data plan in order for the glasses to connect with the phone. So, I called up and the big corporation takes a week to do something like that. Right off the bat, I wasn’t prepared to just step out on the street and start being 13:29- I didn’t like that I had to have this in my pocket. And there’s a connection, so I didn’t like that. 13:46- The glass picks up the connection from the phone for connectivity, so without the connectivity I can take pictures. But I can’t share them…I need a conduit, I need a connection, a hot spot to share them. So this becomes a walking hotspot 14:07- If you’re in a place that has a wifi, you can connect to the wifi. However, I found a bug on day 1.
The wifi…they fixed it, but the wifi had to be all numbers and letters and no other characters…like no dashes or anything like that. I got back to the office and I’m kinda psyched to show everyone and I couldn’t connect to the wifi. So, that was kinda disappointing. But then I kinda hacked it a little bit and figured it out and got it working. 14:40- When you’re indoors, fine. You don’t need the phone because the glass will connect to the wifi, but it’s kinda boring to wear indoors cause…how many times am I going to take a picture of this board? So, I wanted to be outside….like walk around. Finally got it connected, did my thing, and walked around. 15:03- For the most part, people knew what it was. They knew I was wearing glass. I got looks from everyone. Everyone was like…oh wow! Oh, it’s that google glass! 15:20-Some people were freaked out by it, so a lot of people were instinctively just like…whoa. Wait. Are you getting me? Or? I don’t know…is that on? What are you doing?
15:33- Then other people would come up to me…strangely enough, people were taking pictures of me…a lot. There were a lot of people who were just coming up to me and taking a picture. 15:49- I knew they probably wanted to tweet, I saw this guy on the street with glass. Or show a friend, I saw someone with the new google things or whatever. 15:59- I didn’t mind it as much. I knew it was a bit of a sensation. And people were attracted to it. 16:10- It didn’t allow me to be natural. I really wish you couldn’t see them. I kinda wanted to just walk around and capture stuff without people knowing that I’m capturing stuff. I kinda wanted that wish for the camera in the eye, right? The intimate portrait of the world…and I couldn’t do that.
16:37- As soon as I got within 10 feet of anyone the whole scene changed. I’m walking down the street and I see a crowd and everyone is just like aware….hyper aware. 16:50- Then on the flip side, I actually went to Williamsburg. 17:20- I kinda thought that people thought I was obnoxious. I kinda got the sense of like, look at you…you got your glass. You’re so cool. You’re parading your glass. So I got this opposite…kinda of negative…sort of anti hipster sentiment of ya we all have our phones…you’ve taken it too far. Even though I don’t wear them often. I wouldn’t It’s just not my nature. 18:01- It’s definitely an interesting study of how people react to this type of technology. 18:09- I anticipate another level of creepiness in terms of.
So, once warbi parker puts it in a set of frames like these. People may not even know that I’m wearing glass…will you start thinking…is he wearing glass? Is he recording me? Is he looking at my google profile right now? Things like that 18:47- When I was at Google, everyone wears glass.
The whole…so the glass office. 18:58- You go up there and everyone is wearing it. It’s like being in startrek the enterprise. Everyone’s just wearing and you don’t feel out of place. And everyone’s wondering what eah other are going. If I was wearing them right now. And I was sitting across from you…I could easily recognize your face, pull up anything about you on the web. I could do a google image search. Anything negative…anything that comes up will come up. 19:33- So if I don’t know you…I could potentially walk up to you and say…hi.
I heard you went on vacation last week…oh by the way, oh you have two kids? How’s your grandmother doing? Because I could access your facebook profile, I can see your tweets, your google plus profile, anything that’s on google. 19:58- All we need to do is just tap here, capture your face, do a reverse search and all of a sudden I have all your information…streaming down 20:10-
There will definitely be people who will exploit it or maybe steal people’s identity or conning people. Technology can be used by people who are dangerous with it first. 20:37- At some point, I would hope that it would bring people closer together at some point. That it would enhance people’s experiences in terms of people using it as an extension of their mind. 20:47- So, if you and I were engaging in a conversation and we were having a discussion on a certain topic. We would have a certain trust among us that we’re not using this thing….we’re using this for the greater good of the conversation that we’re in and not like something evil.
21:26- that level of etiquette will need to be established before technology becomes truly ubiquitous. I don’t know how that etiquette will get established, I think it’s really going to be based on trust. And I think that people are going to need to know that I’m not recording you right now because I could be and you wouldn’t even know it. Or, I’m not doing anything inappropriate 22:12- Let’s say I’m a salesman and I’m trying to sell you something. You’re coming in to buy a car and I’m wearing these glasses.
And I pull up your profile and I can see information about you in real time and use that information to influence your decision on making a sale right? 22:33-I hope that we don’t become fearful of one another and once the technology become ubiquitous, it doesn’t drive up further apart in terms of trust. Trusting that we’re not going to abuse the technology 22:57- google glass blocker and there already is something in korea or japan that created a special kind of sun glasses that obscures your face from security cameras and stuff like that. So facial recognition technologies. If you’re wearing them, it somehow sends out a signal that distorts your face enough that it’s not recognized 24:01- The everyday person, there’s not that code of honor. 24:11- There’s going to be a long period of time where people are going to get used to having surveillance everywhere. 25:07- These came out in 2007 (iPhone) and everyone has one. It took 5 years, 6 years? 25:37- People wear Nike fuel bands, people are wearing clothes that have chips embedded in them. 26:01-Technology is going to create a different type of class. Hierachrcy, in terms of people who adopt fast and that will trickle down 26:22- If this took 5 years to become ubiquitous (holds up iphone) wearable devices may take 3 years or once they become affordable and available to the public at mass, but right now, it’s just not. 27:15-Once google glass becomes readily avialble and you can walk into a best buy and but it for a few hundred bucks. I think the rate of adoption will become exponentially faster. 27:28- Not very comfortable.
They’re awkward. They’re not these. It’s a smart phone on your head. It needs to feel more natural. I don’t even like seeing people wearing them. I think it’s creepy. I think it’s odd. 27:54-It reminds me when this came out…this blue tooth ear thing.
I hate when people wear those…I just think it’s so obnoxious. If they’re this way and they’re talking you don’t know who they’re talking o and then they turn around, I just don’t like them. I see Glass in a similar way. Until they become 28:57-There’s no privacyPrivacy is dead.Privacy is dead. It really is. 29:04- I can take an instagram picture of you right now. And you can’t do anything about it. I have the right to take a picture. If I wanted to capture something on the street, it just so happens NBC news picks it up and puts it in their news broadcast and you’re not in the place that you should have been…sucks for you. 29:23- Privacy is dead. I think that once we all got one of these in our know that was it. There’s no more privacy. 29:37-
Everything you tweet and everything you post, you four square checkin…everything you do…even your emails are not private. 29:47- We need to define privacy and suspend a lot of what we think privacy is. We all want these things. We love these things. We all want to have them in our pockets, but at the same time we don’t want to face the reprocussion of okay, yes we all have one of these and now nothing’s private 30:17-So, what’s private, I think we really need to reflect on what’s really private. It could be that privacy is just your deep inner thoughts and secrets…or anything you chose to not expose or that can’t be exposed by others. 30:42- Everything you buy on amazon, we know about it.
Every place we check into, we know about it. If you use a digital wallet, we know how much money you have. 30:54- so, I think privacy is gone. Story Pitch–what the script is based on: A technological phenomenon, Google Glass, also known as Project Glass, displays information in a smartphone-like, hands-free format. Self-proclaimed, “Manhattan gadget geek,” Craig Elimeliah, was one of the lucky winners in a lottery for the opportunity to purchase Google Glass for 00 and become one of the beta testers across the country.
Filming will include an interview with Craig Elimeliah about his experience with Google Glass, fashion, privacy, and where the world is headed ample Script: Taxi Double Parking Outside Mosque Anchor Intro: When you think of New York city the large crowds and time square coming to mind, but as Tony Montana tells us, on one block in Manhattan a couple of other city staples are frustrating the neighborhood. Host (Montana): Look at this traffic, and all these double parked taxis. Although the are illegally parked, the drivers usually don’st get ticketed. The NYPD allows parking, as a courtesy.
Character #1 (Taxi Driver): â€A”I come to pray. Muslims pray 5 times a day and every Friday is a big congregation to come to pray†Host: Taxi drivers account for more than half of the worshippers at the Islamic cultural center. It’s one of the few mosques in the city where parking is easy to come by; if illegal Character #1(Taxi Driver): â€A”In Midtown or downtown it’s really hard to get parking, especially in Midtwon, there’s no taxi relief stand, plus there’s no meter parking in Midtown†Host(Montana): The NYPD and the Mosque don’t have a formal agreement, so there aren’t parking signs to educate other drivers. And tickets are still issued if taxis double park on any other neighboring street Character #2(Truck Driver): â€A”I understand it because I guess t’s prayer time for them. Some of them do know some of them don’t know. I guess people that do know it doesn’t bother them because they understand why and the one’s that don’t maybe they have an issue with it†Host(Montana): The Imam of the Islamic cultural center makes the drivers move their taxi, even during prayer, if they are blocking another car.
He also expects their attendance Character #3 (Imam): â€A”If you can drive and make money you can go and serve god, you can also pray, it’s part of your daily schedule†Character #1(Taxi Driver): â€A”I drive about 10 hours a day, it’s really hard for me to spend about an hour to come up here and park the vehicle and worship. It’s a little hard for me but it’s okay, it’s a part of my life†Host(Montana): This traffic and parking problem is a part of the life in this neighborhood. The local community board has never had a complaint. Tony Montana, Pratt News..

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