RESEARCH PAPER (20) points) print at home and bring to class on the Due day!Keep the due dates: Late or emailed papers are not accepted! Requirements for the paper: 1.Five (5) full pages of text on one of the given topics! 2. Cited Sources list or Bibliography =list of four Scholarly Sources (do NOT use our textbook!) 3. In-text notes, (MLA format) that indicate your Research and Sources 4. Art Images of the discussed artwork (at the end of the paper, NOT inside the text!). 5. Font #12, Times New Roman typed, double-spaced]You receive an A, B, or C grade if you follow all paper Instructions and all the above Requirements. If your text does not keep one or more of the five requirements, it is graded with a D or F !(That means: if the Paper is off topic or is shorter than 5 pages, or if it has no Art Images, or no bibliography, or no In-Text notes or uses another font)Remember: good, scholarly sources written by scholars help you create the best papers. Our textbook cannot be one of the sources, its content is too general Instructions for the Paper This a Comparative Paper on the work of two artists or two cultures (choose one of 6 topics below, A, B, C, D, E, or F.) Research your chosen artists or culture very well till you understand them and the characteristics of their artwork, specifically the kind of art mentioned in your topic. Then compare and contrast artworks by the two artists, analyzing and discussing them in depth: Focus on their Similarities and Differences! You need to compare at least two pairs of art; each pair has one artwork by each artist or culture. In Topic E you compare only buildings (and if you wish also their architects) and in Topic F you compare only sculpture (and also their artists if they are known.)Note: The best way to write a comparative paper (forthe best grade)is not to write first about one and then about the other artist’s work but to discuss them together, examining critically their similarities and differences in the context of their time period, country, and culture. Do Research: good, scholarly sources written by art historians help you create the best papers!For your 5-page Paper choose ONE of the following Topics, A to F: A. Self-portraits of/by Rembrandt (1650-1689, Netherlands) and Vincentvan Gogh (1853-1890, Netherlands). They are both Dutch painters and painted themselves numerous times! B. Landscape paintings by Claude Lorrain (1600-1682, France) and Dong Qichang (1555–1636, China). They lived during the same time period but in different continents! C. Animal paintings by Maria S. Merian (1647-1717, Germany/Holland) and Rosa Bonheur (1822-1899, France). Both are Women artists who lived in different centuries but painted animals! D. Paintings of Women by Willem de Kooning (1904-1997, USA) and Pablo Picasso (1881-1973, Spain). Both male artists painted a lot but we focus on how and why they painted Women! E. Gothic Cathedrals and American Skyscrapers. These two groups of structures originated in two different time periods (13th /14thand 20th centuries) and continents (Europe and America). Research the general characteristics of cathedrals and skyscrapers but focus on two specific buildings from each group, compare and contrast them in the context of their time period/technology/culture. F. Statues of the Human Figure in Ancient Greece and West Africa.The two styles of sculpture were made in different continents and different time periods: First Research the characteristics of Ancient Greek sculpture (made in Greece, 600-50 BCE) and traditionalWest African sculpture(made in West Africa, 1500- 1900 CE) West Africa includes countries such as Mali, Ghana, Nigeria and others. Choosetwo to three pairs of specific Art Objects(one from each culture) and discuss their similarities and differences in the context of their time period, culture and ideology.

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