Graduate Admissions essay The Graduate Admissions Committee would find the following information helpful in evaluating your credentials as a candidate for the Family Nurse Practitioner program. Please respond to the following three items and attach a 2 page typed, double spaced narrative. What makes you a good nurse?

What are your long term educational goals? What are your long term professional goals?My nursing career started as an LPN, went for my RN – Associate in Nursing (ADN), currently in RN- BSN program

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CAN YOU WRITE MY ESSAY THE TOPIC IS { AIR POLLUTION } AND I am an undergraduate student. So i need u to write it in acceptable way which is not very academic and not very street language if you get what i am saying please.

Please discuss the reasons and the effects of the air pollution and please provide some pictures referred to the subject. Please write from 1350 to 1650 words and please provide some diagrams and graphs related to the subject.