Using a similar volume of information as illustrated from my example located in the Week 1 To Do Memo, prepare a logic model component outline for a future personal or professional project in narrative format. My example illustrates the Logic Model sections as guidance. For example: what resources (inputs) do you need for your project… what activities will you will conduct… what evidence supports the project initiative you propose… what outputs (deliverables or counts) will occur as a result of your activities… what measurable outcomes do you project will result (e.g. changes in knowledge, behavior, attitude or condition/state)… what will be the ultimate impact (what outcome will your project measurably change). Comments should reflect each area of the logic model as close as possible, but in a summary as illustrated from my example in the To Do Memo. And since we will be using an “enhanced logic model” for the final class project, please preface your comments with a related “mission statement”, your assumption as to why the issue or problem you have identified is significantly related to your mission and/or the target population being addressed by your proposed project. Then at the conclusion, describe how you will measure your outcomes (i.e. type of tools or instruments). SEE “TO DO MEMO” FOR ASSIGNMENT COMPONENTS AND AN EXAMPLE I PROVIDE AS AN ILLUSTRATION. Essentially, you are providing a summary of something you plan to do on a project or activity in the future. In its simplest form, your Discussion Forum submission might look something like my example. This is only a format/content sample, the topic (personal or professional) you select for this assignment is up to you. The topic that i have chose is HOW TO SAVE MONEY AND BUY A HOUSE while working and making 70000 ,paying off student loans and paying rent food and care insurance This is another example Mission Statement: A wedding ceremony is an intimate and special celebration to unite two people in holy matrimony in front of family and friends. Honeymoons aid in rest & relaxation of the bride & groom after all the excitement of the wedding. Goal: To have a memorable, fun and stress-free wedding/honeymoon experience within a $5000 budget Need: The wedding is just one month away so therefore the need for a memorable & reasonable-priced wedding is very essential. A new study found that couples who spend less on their wedding tend to have longer-lasting marriages than those who splurge. Objective: 1. To ensure the bride and groom are fully satisfied with wedding ceremony and honeymoon. The happiness of the bride and groom are the main objective of this day. 2. To have all necessary services of wedding (i.e. officiant, wedding planner, music) within the $5000 budget Assumption/Hypotheses: A wedding ceremony should be an intimate, fun celebration to provide memorable moments. A beach wedding is most fit for my wedding as it is inexpensive with no venue charge. The ceremony will take place on the beach which is free. Evidence: Evidence supports that having an inexpensive, memorable wedding/honeymoon without splurging results in happiness & decrease financial burden in the future. Research shows that couples that splurge on their wedding ceremonies result in divorce more often than those who don’t. Research also shows that planning ahead will decrease stress. Beach wedding venues are normally far less expensive than other wedding venues because they’re less formal. Money saved from wedding could be used toward the honeymoon. · Bradley, M. (2018). Importance of wedding planning ahead of time. Healthguidance. Retrieved from · Griggs, B. (2014). Want a happy marriage? Have a big, cheap wedding. Retrieved from

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