Hallmark Assessment Task (HAT) Assignment Part 1 – SWOT Analysis
Purpose & Process
You will conduct SWOT analysis of a health care organization and develop recommendations to improve the strategic planning process of the company. You will be studying market, governmental, regulatory and technological forces that affect health care industry and their implications on your company.

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In studying these, you will see that many health care leaders and industry stakeholders have different expectations and priorities as well. These, along with their leadership values, play a large role in the determining a company’s strategic goals, planning, and policies.
During the SWOT analysis, you should discern many of the threats and opportunities that affect the health care industry in general as well as those specific to your organization. You will need this information so you can determine the long-term trends in health care.
The study of the text, and your observations of the company will give you a deeper understanding of management functions and their relationship to leadership. As you study these leaders and stakeholders, you will develop a deeper understanding of the steps involved in the strategic planning process.
The student will develop a presentation lesson plan in the form of a written report and that includes the following elements:

  1. Identification and description of internal analysis
    • Assessment of management capabilities including organizational structure
  2. Short and long-term planning
  3. Coordination between departments
  4. Staffing roles and responsibilities
  5. Training
  6. Management Information Systems


  1. Identification and description of external analysis
    • Assessment of financial capabilities
    • Review of industry analysis and reports
    • Identify impact of state and national health care related regulations and policies


  1. Utilize the 2×2 box below to develop the SWOT analysis report.


INTERNAL ANALYSIS  Strengths Weaknesses
EXTERNAL ANALYSIS Opportunities Threats

The lesson plan will be written in APA format and will be at least 5 pages in length, but no more than 10 pages.

  1. Buchbinder, S., & Shanks, N. (2011). Introduction to Health Care Management. Jones & Bartlett Publishers

*Chapters 1 thru 4.

  1. Add additional sources if needed. Please use sources that are available to the public, not for purchase, and from the U.S.

Healthcare Organization:
Norton Healthcare https://nortonhealthcare.com/about-us/