Hi, I sent an email asking if write myessay can help me with my research paper which is done, but unfortunately the professor gave me comments and details that I should add or correct some of my essay. I received your email telling me that write my essay can help me with it. Well, I have to send my research paper for you by email to review it, and then to see and understand what the professor comments are.
First of all, the title of my paper was about: LOVE OF THE EXTREMES: SPACE PHYSIOLOGY. And I have to write about: 1- Compare between space and Earth. Speak about the effect of gravity on the human being in space. How it affects the muscles, and what are the changes in the body (physiology), and explain in details the changes in cardio, respiratory system, and immune system.
Speak about the space line and the pressure. Also, compare the gas pressure. (Add charts). 2- Speak about the experiments that were done on animals before thinking of going to the space. Speak about the animals in space, or animals that were sent to space for experiments on them before sending humans to space. What were the animals that were sent? (Add charts). 3-How and when did scientist think of going to space? Show the procedure. How did the first astronaut adapt in space?
Give a small resume of the first astronaut, and how the spaceship resists pressure, and what was the spaceship made of? What are the records? Speak about Felex jump and project. What are the health changes that have occurred? (Add charts). 4- What are the scientists thinking about now? What are the previous theories? Are there any changes? Explain the physiology of space. What were the experiments results, and the developed things that were done, and speck about the previous and the future plan.
Compare the gas pressure now and before, and compare the experiments before and now as well. (Add charts) Support and show your research paper what references, journals, citing, and databases are. Of course, last page should include the references that were used. Meanwhile, I did almost many things on the paper, but the professor did not like some of it. And his comments were: DO NOT CHANGE ANY THING ON THE PAPER EXCEPT first, I need recent research papers as references, and the books that I used as references are old.
Secondly, the pictures on the paper are a high school pictures, and they are not obvious and I should replace them because the professor want them a recent pictures from papers keeping in mind to write figure 1 or figure 2 after posting them on the essay(with explanation). Thirdly, I have to use at least 31 references. Those were the professor comments. He wants me to focus on the pictures and recent references, and writing figure 1 or 2 or any when posting pictures.
Please please please use (recent researches papers) at least 30, and if you going to post or replace any pictures there should be an explanations with it whether it’s an experiment or a scientific picture. One last thing, the professor liked the foundation and the organization except the comments. I do have many subjects and I am really under pressure being a medicine student. Please help me with it and I do appreciate your help on this essay. Thanks a lot.

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