Holistic Self-Care Research Paper

The “Holistic Self-Care” research paper will focus on the development of a healthy living guideline that is intended to be included (hypothetically) in a welcome orientation packet for incoming college freshman students.  In order to fulfill the expectations of this research paper project, the HSC student will incorporate learned materials presented in class, as well as independently researched material in specified areas.  The project will be submitted according to APA guidelines.

I. The HSC Research Paper includes the following areas:

Healthy Eating Guidelines

  • Define how food affects mood
  • Explain how stress effects mood
  • Indicate how nutritional deficiencies affect neurotransmitters and brain functioning
  • Describe an Eating Plan for Success

Healthy Lifestyle Guidelines

  • Benefits of physical activity
  • Restful sleep
  • Managing time effectively
  • Connecting with nature
  • Laughter the best medicine

Stress Reduction Techniques

  1. Include two of the following modalities covered in class: (explain the principles supporting the application and outcomes relative to stress reduction)
  2. Conscious Breath Techniques
  3. Guided Imagery
  4. Qigong Bioenergy Therapy
  5. Meditation
  6. Yoga
  7. Include two of following independently researched stress reduction techniques: (explain the principles supporting the application and outcomes)
  8. Energy Medicine
  9. Tai Chi
  10. Acupuncture or acupressure
  11. Massage
  12. Music Therapy
  13. Dance Therapy

Optimal Student Living

  • Aromatherapy (select two)
  • Herbal medicine (select two)
  • Nutritional Supplementation (include at least two)
  • Spirituality
  • Self-awareness

II. The HSC research paper will consist of 7 pages of content with approximately ten references, excluding course required materials.  References should be cited from refereed journals primarily and from scholarly texts on the subject. Research websites are also acceptable for citation purposes (Wikipedia, for example, is not an acceptable websites).