The topic is homelessness among veteran populations
Assignment 2: Application—Social Problem Research You have already written a paper on a social problem in Week 3. You have researched various information on the problem and collaborated with your group through this week’s wiki. It is now your turn to assimilate the information into a paper. Remember, each group member will write a paper on an individual basis. For this Assignment, review your group’s wiki for this week and consider what you have learned about the possible causes of thesocial problem your group selected. Assignment (2–4 pages, APA format): Your paper should include: ?A description of the known explanations or causes of the issue you selected in your Social Issues paper in Week 3 ?A description of the theoretical explanations and approaches scholars and policy analysts used to discuss this issue ?A description of the policies that have resulted from these discussions and an explanation of whether they are effective at resolving the issue Support your Assignment with specific references to the resources. Be sure to provide full APA citations for your references. Submit your Assignment by Day 7 of Week 5. To submit your Assignment, do the following: ?Save your Assignment as a \”.doc\” file with the filename \”WK5Assgn2+last name+first initial.doc\”. For example, Sally Ride\’s filename would be \”WK5Assgn2RideS.doc\”. ?To upload your Assignment, click on Assignments on the course navigation menu, and then click the \”Assignment 2 Turnitin – Week 5\” link.

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