Dear writer, I need you to write my paper as immigrant who would the understand the needs homelessness need such as shelters, foods, clothes. I need more detail for this topic. each sentence you wrote describe why would you say it. also, what brought me to choose this topic because what i see on media , internet and state that i resident youth homelessness would continue to increases and I don’t know why the federal government, states and taxpayer wouldn’t bring a solution to protect those love ones that our country would need as future leaders. compare the states who brought good resources who helps those teens and who didn’t provide much resource and what led them not to help those teens. Dear writer, pretend that I am the one who writing this paper. The more explanation you provide, the more it sound interesting and talk about what do you thing this issue , why,how and so on.
Also, I will sent you teacher instruction of this assignment in file area. I sent to you outline that i wrote but needs to improve. you can use if you want it.
I volunteer to my services and skills to organizations that work with youth homelessness  I will send you the code of ethics my organization has it as soon as i would receive it.
Chapter 1: Introduction (1 page)
The introduction should include defining or identifying the general topic, issue, or area of concern which will provide a context for the paper. Also include the significance of the topic and what the consequences would be if a solution is not found.
Chapter 2: Literature review (3- pages)
The literature review synthesizes the sources you found on the topic. What do the experts say about the topic? What are the common themes across the literature? Where do the authors agree or disagree? Based on the literature reviewed, what can you conclude about the topic and share with your readers? This chapter should have an introduction restating the topic, a body that synthesizes and summarizes your sources, and a conclusion paragraph.
Using sources (books, journals, library databases), find at least 7 peer-reviewed resources from experts on the subject.
Chapter 3: Ethics, public policy and global view (3- pages)
Global view
1) Compare and contrast how the U.S. approaches this topic to the approaches of another country. 2) How does the government regulations and economy influence how the topic is addressed and how decisions are made?  
Ethical issues
State an overview of the professional Codes of Ethics related to your topic.
1) Explain how this code is practiced in the context of your volunteer site/workplace project.
2) Give at least two examples of ethical dilemmas or considerations that relate to your topic.
Public policy, laws and regulations
Identify a current law or regulation that relates to your topic. Describe the public policy issues: 1) State the proposed law, policy, issue, problem, concern. 2) How is the issue perceived by those involved: legislators, clients, planners, program administrators, line staff, parents, caregivers, etc.
Reference list
Use at least 7 sources in your literature review and list them in APA style format. See next page a sample.

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