TOPIC – how is China portrayed in English-language contemporary news media? REQUIREMENTS – 1. Chose a story about China that has occurred between 2010-2014. This it could be an event like an earthquake, a topic like inflation, or a person like Ai Weiwei. Find three news articles about this theme. Use at least one North American newspaper (e.g. Globe & Mail, New York Times) or news magazine (e.g. Maclean’s, Newsweek) as well as at least one non- North American source (e.g. The China Daily, The Guardian). 2. Identify which theme your story addresses. Your story should relate to one of the themes listed below: • Urban development/ urbanization • Environmental degradation • Factories/ labour issues • International relations • Food supply issues • Migration 3. Incorporate and cite all three articles (Latham, Mann and Standen). 4. Use APA citation style for all quotes, paraphrases, and summaries. Include a reference list that contains the academic articles and the news articles that you use. (6 total) CONTENT: You can divide the essay conceptually into three parts (each part might have several paragraphs). The following is a suggested approach; you can also organize your thoughts differently, as long as there is a logical structure for the reader to follow. Part 1: Introduction (about 200 words): Drawing on the 3 articles provided (Latham, Mann and Standen), discuss how China has been portrayed by media/ policymakers/ academics. Part 2: Description of event (about 200 words): In this section, just describe the news event you chose as objectively as possible, drawing on the three news articles that you chose. Part 3: Analysis (about 500-600 words): Using the ideas covered in the readings and the first class, analyze the coverage of the story you have chosen. You might explore the following questions (and any others you think of): How is China depicted? Do the authors use loaded language to describe the government? The people? (Hint: try replacing “China” with “Canada” or “Sweden”�”does it sound funny? This is an indication that the author is using a particular set of terms to describe China). Are the images of China predominantly negative or positive? Are there significant differences in how China is portrayed in different sources? Why do you think this might be? EVALUATION: 1. Does the author identify which course theme is being addressed? 2. Is there a clear thesis (argument)? 3. Is the thesis supported by appropriate evidence? 4. Is the essay organized in a logical manner? Is there a compelling introduction and a concluding paragraph? 5. Are paragraphs coherent and linked? (Does each paragraph deal with a unified topic, and do the paragraphs flow naturally one to the other?) 6. Is the language clear? (Are there grammar errors that prevent the reader from understanding the writer’s meaning?) 7. Does the author integrate the course readings in a way that demonstrates a grasp of the key concepts? 8. Does the writer fulfill all of the requirements laid out in the assignment (word count, citations, correct number of articles)? 9. Does the writer go above and beyond what is called for in the assignment by demonstrating critical reasoning, superior research skills, and originality? Hints * There is no “right” answer! There are a number of “China scripts” circulating in the media. You might identify your own narrative, or you might find one that closely resembles something described in one of the class readings. You might also find that the press coverage of your story is neutral. Just back up your analysis with solid reasoning and evidence. * is a good place to start looking for a story. This website collects news articles from a variety of different sources

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