The action plan description forms the foundation of your action plan. As teachers and administrators are challenged with improving student learning and outcomes with limited resources, it is important for you to clearly describe context in which you are developing your action plan.
Determining where the greatest achievement gap lies, clearly defining measurable goals and a vision for increasing achievement, and clarifying your position within the plan are important steps in school improvement.
Through completion of the action plan description, you will have the opportunity to collaborate with other stakeholders at the school or district level. This collaborative practice is needed in order to facilitate successful school-wide improvement. This collaboration with others should occur as a field experience. Interview the principal or assistant principal to ascertain the possible impacts of the intervention at the school.
In addition, depending on the particular challenge and interventions you select, you may conference with the data or assessment person at your school or system, your principal or other school leaders, or colleagues in grade-level groups or PLCs. Your selected focus for your action plan and the interventions and data you collect will help drive the decisions about which stakeholders to involve.
Working with stakeholders in your school, determine the focus of your action plan. write a description for your action plan for decreasing or eliminating the achievement gap that either you plan to implement now or in the future. The action plan description should include the following components: Background: Describe the demographics of your educational setting and the existing situation in your setting in terms of the achievement gap.
Assessment of Circumstances:
Identify and define a problem related to an achievement gap. How was the problem determined? Who was involved in this process? Explain what data you gathered to determine this need and display this data in a chart or table.
Purpose and Rationale:
Explain the intervention strategy that you propose to use in the action plan and why you expect the change you are proposing to bring needed improvement. Cite scholarly resources that support your intervention strategy and also include them in a references section at the end of your paper.
Develop a vision of learning for the action plan that includes a discussion about how you will incorporate collaboration in the vision development process:
Ensure the vision is characterized by respect for all stakeholders including families and community entities; articulate the vision that you established for a school for this action plan to the stakeholders and identify the stakeholders (staff, parents, students, and community members). Through what venues will the vision be articulated (symbols, ceremonies, stories, and other activities)?
Describe what is involved in the implementation of the plan to support the plan\’s vision. You should clearly articulate what action will be taken, how the action should be taken, when it should be taken, who is responsible for the action, and where this action should take place. The implementation process should provide a timeline and deadlines for identified benchmarks. It should also detail a comprehensive plan for communicating the vision to school stakeholders.
Create a table to present this information described in the narrative. Describe how you will steward a vision for the action plan designed to decrease or eliminate the achievement gap. Tell what methods should be utilized with stakeholders, including the use of effective communication skills and data-based research strategies to monitor, evaluate, and revise the vision at periodic times. (ELCC 1.1).
Develop measurable goals and objectives in terms of expected results. Create measurable strategic and tactical goals and objectives for the action plan. Explain how pertinent stakeholders will work collaboratively to develop implementation plans to achieve those goals. Discuss how you will ensure the goals in the school improvement plan align to the district improvement plans. (ELCC 1.2).
Consider your own specific role in the action plan being developed. How will you take a leadership role in this initiative? What steps will you need to take? Consider these questions as you draft your description: What is happening here that suggests a change is needed? What are the key elements? Why is this important? How do I fit? What changes are needed and why? Your paper should be written in APA format using in-text citations with at least three corresponding references.If you would prefer, you may choose a minority group whose culture you would like to explore and use that as the basis for the assignment.
There have been learners who chose particular refugee groups that have come to their community or other native american tribes or ethnic groups. Feel free to explore any group you believe to be in the minority either in your reality or within a broader range. Once you have explored that information, you can use it as the basis for your work in the unit 6 assignment.

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