Can not have any contraction.
Needs to have quotes from articles in the Miami dade college databases which related to my topic. (which i would be providing with my outline
Also in conclude information from the poems i read ( ” My Papa’s Waltz“- Theodore Roethkle) (” Battle Royal“-Ralph Ellison) (Fences– August Wilson) these are poems that need to be incorporated in my paper
8 page paper
It has to be in paragraph form i have a outline that i will post as an attachment ( guide by that)
There has to be 6 sources in total 3 from the poems and 3 from the articles found in the Miami dade databases
Times New Roman 12″ font ( MLA format
These are all the things i need to use to write my paper.
All paragraphs need to be a minimum of 7 sentences
Quotes need to be how i gave an example of them in the outline.

  1. Introduction. ( suggest then prove I the body )
  1. Introduce the reader to your topic in a unique way.
  2. Explain the topic to the reader.
  3. Discuss the topic in further detail ( Stay General)
  4. Introduce the author of the “ Poem” and how it relates to your topic


  1. Introduce the play and the author and how it relates to the topic.
  2. Introduce the “Short Story” and author and how it relates.
  3. Discuss what you have developed, generally, so far.
  4. Introduce the “Article” author and connect to topic.
  5. Introdc3 second “article” and the author and connect.
  6. Introduce third “Article”, and author and connect.
  7. Make a summary statement about your topic, keeping in mind what you have already stated.
  8. Thesis – your unique take on your topic – keeping in mind the sources and evidence that you will supply.
  1. Topic paragraph.
  1. Discuss the topic in further detail ( Stay General)
  2. Explain the statement above.
  3. Discuss.
  4. Introduce evidence and connect.
  5. Set up a quote ( example: scholars have come to the conclusion that children can be problematic for a selfish parent)
  6. “Quote” (p.) ( ex: John Smith argues : “ children are a pain in the neck”
  7. Explain the quote ( ex: ones sees based upon the evidence that children and selfish parents are rarely a good mix –as the needs of one always outweigh the needs of the other)
  8. Summary statement for the paragraph.
  1. Poem paragraph.
  1. Introduce the author of the “Poem” and how it relates to your topic (GENREALLY)
  1. Poem  paragraph
  2. Play
  3. Play
  4. Short story
  5. Short story
  6. Thesis –summary
  7. Conclusion: use is

How the paper needs to be

  • 7 sentences per paragraph  
  • Present tense ( affirmative)
  • One paragraph per article
  • Should be three paragraphs based on
  • Mla format
  • The quotes have to be how I showed them in the example.

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