You are to assume the role of HR assistant working in a mid-size, private sector, unionized firm. The HR department has been charged with creating an HR plan to strengthen the strategic advantages your department provides for the company. Each week you will use the HR Planning Process to resolve an issue by recommending a new strategy. Use the scenario below to help you create a plan to help you create a plan to improve one practice in the HR Planning component. Scenario: Sarge Industries has historically enjoyed a labor market full of qualified candidates for most of its positions. The turnover rate is 15% higher than the industry average, however; the company has not been concerned since openings have been easily filled. With the industry changing to include the need for technology-based positions, recruitment has become more difficult and the company finds itself losing highly-qualified candidates to its competitors and relies heavily on new college grads that leave within 18 months. The company currently advertises its open positions in the Sunday newspaper and usually receives 2-3 resumes per open position and often the candidates do not have the required skills. This is the first time the company has tried using the HR Planning process to increase employee satisfaction and to move from being reactionary in its HR policies to being pro-active. Now that you have read the above scenario, answer each of the seven questions based on what you have learned this week in paragraph form. This activity will remain available all week. You may complete portions and save your work to revisit as often as needed. Your final answers for all seven questions are due at the end of the week. 1. Explain the service provided by the HR component to the employer. Question 2 2. Define the strategic advantage the HR component provides to an employer in the hiring and retaining of qualified employees. 3 Internal Audit: Using the scenario, describe 3 current practices used by the employer that can be improved. 4. External Audit: Using your textbook and outside research, describe two best practices for ONE of the 3 issues you identified in the above prompt. 5. Using the results of your external audit above, make a recommendation on how to improve the selected issue. 6. Explain the expected results and how they will be measured. 7. Discuss the possible challenges and how you will overcome them.

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