Topic: Human Behavior: Negative and Positive Effects on the Environment Paper
Description: If you don’t see ‘Paper Details End Here’ in the end of this section, please, contact us right away! –
-Paper Details Begin Here–: Include at least three references from peer-reviewed sources. Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines. Coaching tips: Please refrain from utilizing google, wiki, or blogs in your response as points will be deducted.
 In addition, please note that academic honesty and appropriate wrriting standards are key to this assignment. Please consider using the pc report and grammar checkers to ensure that you address these standards.
 Prepare a 1,150- to 1,400-word APA formatted paper in which you explore how human behavior can negatively and positively affect the environment. As a part of your paper be sure to address the following: Explain how environmental cues shape behavior and provide at least one example.
 Evaluate how behavior can be modified to support sustainability and how this can limit a negative impact on the environment.
 Describe how social norms influence behavior and beliefs about the environment. Identify at least two possible solutions that could successfully change behavior and habits in order to lessen negative environmental impact. APA guidelines)
 2. Cite the ERR readings and or peer reviewed journal articles as references when peer reviewed references are required.
 Refrain from using the text (except where noted)as it is not considered a peer reviewed reference.
 3. Power Points: cite sources in the slides as well as in the notes. Cite graphics and pictures as well. 4. Refrain from using blogs, websites, wiki as references. Points will be deducted if you use these sources.

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