Illustration Essay Format

You are required to submit the FINAL copy of this assignment, but you may first submit an optional DRAFT. This will allow you to receive qualitative feedback that can inform your revision. You should always avoid focusing solely on the grader’s DRAFT feedback; use the feedback as a supplement to the course lessons and your own revision ideas. Always expect to revise beyond what the DRAFT grader specifically notes. In short, an illustration essay will use clear, interesting examples to show, explain, and support a thesis statement (remember, your thesis is your main argument, or the main point you’re trying to make).

One key to an effective illustration essay is to use enough details and specific examples to make your point effectively. In other words, descriptive writing is key. You have several options for this assignment, so you will need to choose one:  Illustrate the ideal work environment. If everything was perfect at work, what would it be like? Describe everything in this environment—perhaps from the dispositions of your coworkers and supervisors to what clothes you wear to work.

 Illustrate what it means to be a “true friend.” What does being a “true friend” mean to you? What “true friends” have you had, and how do their actions coincide with being your definition of a “true friend?”  Illustrate how your favorite team or player received their current standing or ranking. How did the team or player do in the most recent season? What qualities did this team or player demonstrate to earn this ranking?  Look at your favorite poem or short story, and use illustration to explain what makes it your favorite. Do you enjoy the author’s language?

Do you enjoy the storyline? What else do you enjoy that makes it your favorite?  Illustrate the purpose of props on the set of your favorite media production. What props are there? Why are they important?  Illustrate how to create your favorite dish. What steps are required to create this dish? Be sure that you take your audience through this process step by step!  Illustrate how to play your favorite game. What steps and/or actions are necessary to play this game?

Take your readers through the motions, step by step. The questions above are designed to help you begin brainstorming ideas; however, you are free to develop your own brainstorming questions and use them to develop your essay. Since the purpose of this essay is to illustrate, you should have enough specific details and examples for your essay to be considered an illustration essay.

Many illustrations may come from your personal experiences. However, even personal experiences should be supported by research in college essays. Thus, you must cite at least one credible1 source to earn maximum credit for this essay. This resource from the course 1

Please note: Basic dictionary sources, user-edited websites (e.g., Wikipedia, eHow, etc.), and sites that house databases of quotations are not considered “credible” sources. You will lose points in the Research category of the rubric if your sources aren’t credible. will help you understand more about evaluating sources. Failure to use and cite at least one credible source will result in a point deduction from your grade. Properly cite your source(s) in MLA format and include a Works Cited page (this resource from the course will help).

Review the rubric for this essay to get an idea of how your work will be assessed. As with all college writing, your essay should have a strong thesis statement in addition to an introduction, body, and conclusion. Thesis hints: Here are some general and specific examples of how you might think about your thesis for this assignment: General: If you are illustrating qualities that make up something: In order for a friend to be considered a true friend, he or she must be (characteristic 1), (characteristic 2), and (characteristic 3). OR If you are illustrating a recipe: (Add a range of ingredients), (add major utensils needed), and (add time necessary) are all that are required to make (add dish). Specific: If you are illustrating qualities that make up something:

In order for a friend to be considered a true friend, he or she must be loyal, honest, and trustworthy. OR If you are illustrating a recipe: Fresh produce, mixing utensils, and about a half an hour are all you need to create excellent guacamole. The guidelines for this assignment are as follows: Length: This assignment should be at least 500 words.

Header: Include a header in the upper left-hand corner of your writing assignment with the following information:  Your first and last name  Course Title (Composition II)  Assignment name (Illustration Essay)  Current Date Format:  MLA-style source documentation and Works Cited2 

Your last name and page number in the upper-right corner of each page 2 This resource may be helpful as you are making MLA formatting decisions:  Double-spacing throughout  Standard font (TimesNewRoman, Calibri)  Title, centered after heading  1” margins on all sides  Save the file using one of the following extensions: .docx, .doc, .rtf, or .txt Underline your thesis statement in the introductory paragraph.

Illustration Essay Sample

You are required to work regularly through the second half of the semester on an illustrative essay that investigates the way a particular room or rooms in a house have been domesticated by a particular resident. An illustrative essayis one that supports an argument or viewpoint through examples. Thus, your investigation of the domestication practiced by a selected resident in a particular room is discussed as an illustration of the way home can be understood as a place, and how this contributes to our understanding of the design of domestic places.
Some illustrative essays may employ multiple examples. You will focus on a single example of home as place but consider this example under a number of headings: Conceived space, Lived Space and Domestication.
The tutorial program for this module is dedicated to helping you through the various stages of this essay, guiding you in your fieldwork, and providing input and formative feedback for your essay. It is assumed that you will need this support to do well in the assignment.
Specific discussions or examples of illustrative essays can be found at

The Illustration Essay process

• Attend lectures, tutorials and do readings so that you understand the framework for the essay.
• Select a person known to you who is a suitable subject of your study. (This means someone who will not have sensitivities or issues associated with discussing a room in their house with you. If there is any risk of this at all, then you should choose someone else)
• Make a time to discuss with them what your study involves and let them know that the work will not be published and their identities will be kept confidential (you should use pseudonyms in your essay). You should let them know that they are free to choose to participate and to change their mind at any time.
• Observe the room, selected in consultation with the resident as one that is meaningful to them in terms of the idea of ‘home’.
• Make a sketch of the room as a designed or conceived space.
• You should then discuss with the resident the aspects of the room that they have adapted, decorated, furnished etc that has significance for them in terms of making the room feel like ‘home’. Take notes during the discussion.
• Make another sketch, this time drawing attention to the ways in which the room has been adapted and experienced as ‘lived space’.
• Select some key examples of the way the room has been adapted so that you can discuss them as examples of domestication (following the framework and methods identified in the paper by Berker – see footnote 1)

The Illustration Essay outline/format

Your essay should be approximately 2000 words in length and have the following structure. Each heading below indicates a section of your essay. Some sections will contain more than one paragraph

Introduction (Approximately 300 words)
• Outline the focus of the essay: identify why studying home as place is important for design of domestic spaces, and the purpose of the essay
• Outline the structure of the essay

Approach to the study (This section outlines the conceptual foundations of your study and the processes you used to investigate your example) (Approximately 600 words)
Conceptual Background – Suggested areas that should be covered include
• Home as place: challenging assumptions of home in design
• Home and diversity
• Concepts for studying home as place: (e.g. conceived space and lived space, dwelling, habitus, ontological security, domestication etc)
Field Research
• Describe the example you have selected: the dwelling, the room/s, the resident, and the process you employed for your fieldwork (i.e. observations of room, interview with resident)
• Outline the plan of the research: first, analysing conceived space then lived space, then descriptions of domestication
• Discuss script analysis as a means of studying conceived space, lived space and domestication

Findings (This section should report on what you found regarding the home as place using the following suggested headings. This section should include a minimum of two sketches) (Approximately 800 words)
• Conceived space: Describe and illustrate the design of the space selected
• Lived space: Describe and illustrate the way the space is lived
• Domestication examples: Give specific examples of what the resident has done to make the space a ‘home place’ (you can use the concepts of domestication, dwelling, habitus and ontological security, as well as other concepts and ideas discussed in the unit where they apply)

Conclusion (Approximately 300 words)
What did studying your example of home as place add to understanding of designing domestic spaces?

You must reference all material used in the essay that comes from a particular source. You should employ a referencing style described on the Cite/Write website consistently

heading every parts
must follow the instructions
the photos I upload are taken from my friend’s house, so please select some them,not download photos from website,
make up a person as resident, make up a interview,analysis the photos
2 sketch? some photos
also, i will upload two sketches about all rooms of the house,and you can select some parts of the sketches as designed or conceived space and lived space, the sketch with no furnitures can be used as conceived space, and the sketch with furnitures can be used as lived space
analysis the photos not only from readings