From Concept to Implementation Multinational Product
The presentation must use slide notes. The notes section will support the content for each slide. Your presentation should be 18-22 slides (not including the title and research references slides). In Week 3 you chose an industry with which you are familiar and submitted it to your instructor. And, you picked a company that operates in this industry. For this company consider the Upstream Process and Responsibility framework (linked at the bottom of the page). Describe how you would take a hypothetical new product or service from concept to creation, then to commercialization, and finally to implementation in a country other than the U.S. The largest problem I see with the portfolio assignments is a lack of continuity between the expected topics. Applying the outline and performing logical critical analysis will help this. This project asks you to create a presentation that addresses taking a new product (physical good or service) from concept to creation to commercialization. Your presentation will be organized by two parts. The first part is a description of new product development concepts while the second part is application to your hypothetical new product concept. Part I: Descriptions of concepts should include: description of the ideation approach of the new product/service addressed in Part II, description of a business case, description of project oversight, description of beta testing, description of prelaunch readiness and training, and description of launch execution. Part II: This section includes the application, analysis, formulation and evaluation of the product launch using the principles from this course. Include the following: Describe the hypothetical new product. Provide the competitive analysis with rationale for the product’s success. Summarize the business case. Specify beta tests and defend your recommendations. Construct the strategy formulation in relation to the product/service launch. Analyze and evaluate the country’s cultural and external differences with their respective application to product/service launch. Analyze the strategy implementation on one of the following: systems, people, or process fit. Preliminary Deliverable: ATTACHED Week 3: Submit your choice of a multinational organization and industry upon which your Portfolio Project will be based. Requirements: Write a presentation that has 18-22 slides. Include a title and a reference page. At least six outside academic and professional references that provide information and guidance for your assignment.

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