Please answer each section individually with inline citations and list references. Attacks and Malware There are many ways an organization or individual can be attacked through the use of software. Currently, what are the most popular ways these attacks are being implemented? What defenses are being implemented? Identity Theft This one is significant, and we need to understand the laws involved with identity theft, privacy, and cyber crime. Therefore, what are the main laws, and how do they affect us if a breach occurs?
this is a individual reflections based on a film video .PART1 complete the set questions based on personal moral ideals and beliefs using peer reviewed articles to supplement interpertation and reasoning. PART2 using a set of unweighted questions self-reflect on a number of personal and busniess moral and ethical beliefs and principles .
Topic: Human Rights Issues With Pre-Emptive Counter-Terrorist Measures TOPIC SUMMARY Terrorism is without a doubt affects the world in the most negative of ways and can easily destabilize governments, jeopardize peace andsecurity, undermine civil societies, as well as threaten social and economic development. Furthermore, terrorism has a direct impact on human rights, which has devastating influences on life, laws, liberties, civil rights and ones entitled privacy; all of which have negatively diminish ones enjoyment of life and their human rights. Global, national, and regional political leaders have made claims and promises that counterterrorism measures will not impinge upon human rights. However, living up to these claims and promises is proving to be difficult if not impossible with the tasks that have been given to the government agencies responsible for pre-emptive counter terrorism actions. The politically sensitive nature of counterterrorism issues has exacerbated the challenges of preventing attacks. Counterterrorism law must comply with human rights law. Freedoms and rights that are restricted by counterterrorism measures must have limitations. Counterterrorism laws must be proportional and established due process. Lastly international human rights laws, interrogation activities, secret detentions, warrantless domestic surveillance, and the treatment of prisoners for the purpose of counter terrorism are gray area subjects. Ultimately intelligence gathering with the purpose to prevent or stop terrorist activities before lives are lost is gravely important but it can have extreme human rights consequences. A minimum of 12 credible resources is required, primarily academic articles from the Norwich University online databases and books. No credit is given for media sources, blogs, unattributed/undated internetdocuments, or online resources such as Wikipedia. Assigned readings can be used but do not count toward the minimum of 12 resources. Length:14-16 pages Format: Double spaced; APA format Grade: 400 points (40% of your final grade)

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