“What Happens on Youtube Stays on Youtube Forever”
Are you looking for great career advice? Here it is: Never post anything on publicly accessible websites that you would not feel comfortable showing a recruiter or hiring manager. This includes inappropriate photos; negative comments about jobs, professors, or people; and binge drinking at a holiday party. Future employers will Google you.
The bad news: You have to continue to keep your cyber profile squeaky clean for the rest of your life. Companies can and will fire you for inappropriate website postings. One interesting story occured when two employees created a private, password-protected group on Myspace where they would complain about their jobs, post derogatory comments about their managers, and highlight new top-secret product information. The managers, being computer savvy, obtained the password and immediately fired the two individuals after reviewing the site. Now one of the individuals is sueing the former managers for invasion of privacy.
Do you agree that if you post something online it is open for the world to see? What do you consider inappropriate material that you should never post to the web? What can you do to remove inappropriate material posted toi the web by a friend that identifies you? How do efficiency and effectiveness enter into this scenario? Was MySpace the most efficient and effective way for the two employees to communicate? What is the potential argument each of the sides might use in order to win the lawsuit?

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