Chapter 4 HW is associated with Objective 2: Contrast actual and theoretical criteria, explaining contamination, deficiency, and relevance (p. 81-86) Chapter 4 HW is also associated with Objective 4: Contrast objective and subjective measures of job performance and give their advantages and disadvantages (p. 87-93)
For this HW assignment you will again interview a person about their job, but this time you will be asking about the functions of the job and appraising job performance. Also you will try to provide some criteria to help determine good performance from unacceptable performance. Feel free to interview the same person from HW 3.
Then, write a 1.5 page double spaced report based around the answers they gave to the 4 questions listed below (as well as any other questions you ask or discuss about the job).
Here are the specific instructions: Criteria for a job can be determined by interviewing employees who hold the job. They are typically experts in knowing what needs to be done and what constitutes good and poor performance.
Choose a person you know, (acquaintance, family member, or friend) who is currently employed in a job you have never held yourself. Interview him or her about the major functions of their job and the criteria for good job performance. Be sure to take careful notes.
You should ask about the following:
⦁ What are the major functions of this job?
⦁ For each function, what is it the employee is supposed to accomplish?
⦁ For each function, what constitutes good performance and what constitutes unacceptable performance? Ask your interviewee to give examples.
⦁ What would be a good way to assess performance for each function? Write a brief report that describes the functions of the job and actual and theoretical criteria for those functions. Here are some ideas for the table that goes with the report.
One idea is to make a table that relates some of the functions you listed in question #
1, with examples of what constitutes good and unacceptable performance in question
# 3 (so in this case, create one column and include some of the functions of this job and then two more columns, with one providing an example of good performance and another with an example of unacceptable performance). Another way to make a table is to have one column list the theoretical criteria for some of the job functions and then the actual criteria that are used to assess the theoretical criteria.
Key Terms: (Include at least 5 of these key terms in your written report!):
⦁ Criteria (or “Criterion” which is singular)
⦁ Theoretical criterion
⦁ Actual criterion
⦁ Criterion contamination
⦁ Criterion deficiency
⦁ Criterion relevance
⦁ Critical incident
⦁ Composite criterion
⦁ Job performance
⦁ Multidimensional approach
⦁ Objective measures of performance
⦁ Subjective measures of performance
⦁ Graphic-rating scale
⦁ Behavior-focused rating form

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