Utilizing Part I of the Strategic Plan in conjunction with the 3D leadership model you developed, write a 1,750- to 2,100-word paper, defining a detailed plan for the leadership-level implementation of your strategic plan. Include a discussion for each corporate level in your plan: Individual Traditional and virtual teams Department Organization Interorganization Partnership Global For each level, define the x, y, and z axes. Provide justification for each axis and select the proper leadership style for each. Complete a change management plan by detailing the implementation phase of the project. Include the following: Leadership support Acquisition Communication Support Training Stakeholder involvement Process review Conversion Cultural issues.
Letter to an Elected Official I. Identify an elected official in your area. (10%) II. You should write a formal letter to this official (Refer to APA manual regarding format of a formal letter). (10%) III. The purpose of the letter is to discuss an issue (current or proposed legislation) before the legislative body of that elected official. Be clear about the reason you are writing this letter and its importance for you as a healthcare provider. Include your position as a patient advocate and express the importance of addressing this issue for the health and welfare of your patients. Mention recommendations and / or actions you believe will help to ameliorate or resolve this issue. Please be sure to support your position with facts and information obtained from the scientific (peer-review) literature. (45%)
IV. The issue should pertain to legislation that impacts the accessibility and quality of health care for your patients. You may also want to research and address current and / or proposed legislation that affects how you practice within your healthcare facility. (20%) V. Letters will be graded based on clarity of the ideas expressed, your analysis of the issue, proper format, spelling, grammar and punctuation. (15%) Please write below topic and I attached web site address. SYNOPSIS: Requires physicians to provide patients opportunity to undergo obstetrical ultrasound or sonogram within 48 hours of performing abortion.ftp://www.njleg.state.nj.us/20122013/S0500/231_I1.HTM

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