Please create and craft a debate, between liberal arts and job preparation skills. Content a. Guiding content: Bok’s (2006) article or pages 40-49 in our ASHE Reader Series (see below for reference or I can upload the material). Bok notes eight essential purposes of higher education and divides them into two types: liberal arts skills (seven of the eight), and job preparation or vocational skills.

These two types of purposes have had a significant impact on the curriculum in higher education and, over time, each type has risen or fallen in both popularity and in practice or use. Read this article first as a guide for how to frame the Content portion for this Debate.

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b. Please advocate the Liberal arts skills group, and why it can be considered one of most importance to the central purpose of higher education. In short, you must present how this group or perspective (Liberal Arts) offers a superior central purpose to higher education than the other group does (Job Preparation).

Next, please consider and discuss (Liberal Arts) group in relation to a particular undergraduate program at UHM. c. For the Content portion and debate purposes please include the following seven pieces: i. First, consider and define your group in relation to undergraduate Nursing majors at UHM. 1. Spend a few moments becoming more familiar with the BS Nursing degree from the information that they have posted online ii. Second, create a brief introduction or overview of your group including:

1. Definition and component part(s) 2. Generally, why the group or perspective is important to the central purpose of why higher education exists in the U.S. iii. Third, consider and select the four most powerful reasons why the UHM Nursing curriculum should focus more prominently on your group versus the other group

1. Approach this with the idea that you are trying to convince a full professor in Nursing who has worked at UHM for 13 years 2. And, who has a healthy dose of skepticism about the relative importance of your group (and seems to prefer the other group personally) iv. Fourth, create and articulate a brief narrative example of each of the four reasons 1. What would make each point powerful?

A example story? A video testimony? Years of summarized data? Other? v. Fifth, select an order to the presentation of the four reasons 1. What is most compelling? Less so? In what order would you want to use these to convince someone of your position? vi. Sixth, rearrange your four points into the order that you prefer vii. Seventh, create a brief summary conclusion including:

1. Perceived benefits for what might result from UHM’s Nursing program prioritizing your group more so than the other group 2. Possible implications for what might result from UHM’s Nursing program prioritizing the other group more so than yours Reference: Conrad, C. F., & Johnson, J. (eds.). (2012). College & university curriculum: Placing learning at the epicenter of courses, programs and institutions. 2nd ed. Boston, MA: Pearson Custom publishing.