Assignment 1: Literature review
A literature review is a critical engagement with a body of literature. For this assignment students are asked to identify a topic or body of literature and review it critically in 1500 words. The Literature review may be on the same topic as your Data Collection project.
NOTE!!!- you must not replicate the same material in 2 or more pieces of assessed work, as this would be considered self-plagiarism.
As a general guide you should consult 10-15 academic sources (eg academic articles, book chapters or books). Blogs, newspaper articles and textbooks are not typically considered to be academic sources.
Assessment criteria for the literature review:
The following are the criteria through which the assignment will be marked. However, it is important to note that the overall mark is a result of a holistic assessment of the assignment as a whole.
 Does the review identify an appropriate range of sources?
 Does the review go beyond listing or summarizing sources? Does it tell us how they
relate to each other? Explain how authors advance their argument? Tell us where
the debate is going? Engage critically with the authors?
 Does the assignment tell us how methodologies and theoretical approaches differ in the different studies?
 Does the review show a grasp of the relevant concepts and knowledge?
 Does the review move beyond telling us about the topic and tell us how academic authors have explored and debated the topic?
 Does the review use a logical and effective pattern of argument to explore the
 Is the review adequately presented in terms of: correct referencing and quoting,
spelling, grammar, and style?
Assignment 2: Data collection project
Every project must be based on some form of data collection. You must identify a relevant research question, problematic or hypothesis. This may come from literature or ‘real-life’ or interviews.
Your project report should employ the following headings:
Introduction, Literature Review, Methodology, Findings/Analysis (these may be separate or combined, as you choose) and Conclusion.
As this is an essay for a Research Design course we expect you to spend much of your time discussing the methodological choices that you have made (the instruments used, the validity and reliability of different measures).
Students must undertake data collection and discuss the results. You should not use multiple forms of data collection or mixed methods.
Your collected data should be the following:
 a content or discourse analysis of at least 10 documents, items, speeches, news
broadcasts etc;
The final report word limit is 3000 words.
Assessment criteria for data collection
The following are the criteria through which the project will be marked. They should be read concurrently with the marking descriptors.
 Has a relevant research question, problematic or hypothesis been identified and
specified effectively?
 Have appropriate methodological choices been made, reflected upon and justified?
 Where appropriate, has the researcher’s positionality been considered?
 Have ethical considerations been taken into account and handled appropriately?
 Has the validity of different measures been appropriately assessed and reflected
 Has the reliability of different measures been appropriately assessed and reflected upon?
 Is the report appropriately presented in terms of: correct referencing and quoting; spelling, grammar and style?
 If tables or charts are used to present data are they well set out, clear and effective?
 Is the presentation and analysis of the data appropriate and clearly presented?
The chart needs to be used in Assignment 2. A graph/ chart will be very useful as shown in the example for content analysis.

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