BiPolar Disorder in children and Students
This paper is called a literature review not exactly a research paper.. It is an investigation of the etiology and intervention for children who suffer from Bi Polar Disorder during childhood and adolescence.

The various theoretical issues pertaining to the etiology and treatment must be addressed. Sources must be scholarly, peer reviewed mainly from Educational and Medical Journals within the past 7 years. Side note..

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** I do not want a lot of direct quotes please. No more than 14, but you can paraphrase which is great as long as you give credit to the author APA style. Half the paper should be the Etiology and all information must be relevant in the Etiology section…

Must be Accurate. Breadth ( the section on Etiology must cover a variety of information and ideas. The other half should be Current issues.. This section includes up to date information on research and interventions directly related to the disorder..

(At Least 6 interventions please 3 for school/classrooms and 3 for other areas such as home and public…..Current issues correctly analyzed. Organization for this paper is important. Topics occur in a logical order and grouped appropriately. Conclusion.. 1 or 2 paragraphs the succintly recaps the paper. The writing style of the paper is Synthesis of ideas and information