Marijuana SHOULD NOT be legalized for medical and/or recreational use
Marijuana is a commonly used drug all over the world by both the young and old members of the society. It is a dry mixture of flowers, seeds, stems, and leaves obtained from the hemp tree scientifically known as Cannabis sativa. It is consumed by either smoking it inform of cigarette or inhaled with pipes. In the field of medicine, cannabis is an extremely significant drug used to relax muscles, relieve pain and even curing some problems. At the same time, cannabis has some side effects to the users such as mental problems, learning, and social problems hence leading to the need of its illegalization (Mack and Joy 82).
To support my argument in this case I will use the following web sites to base my argument:, Medline plus, and the National Institute on Drug Abuse. Experiments carried out by researchers have disclosed that the use of marijuana has more harm than good to all those administering it. These effects include addiction, effects to the brain, mental health, heart, lungs, reproductive disabilities, and weakness of the immune system, loss of balance, effect of unusual muscle tension, uncontrolled movement, crime, and other effect on the daily life of an individual. All these and other more effects of marijuana give the reason as to why it should be totally illegalized by all members of the societies in the world (MedlinePlus).
Due to the frequent use of marijuana and its side effects, its use has to be stopped by those involved by illegalizing it. Claims that have risen due to use of marijuana then give support as to why the issue of illegalizing it has to be enforced. These claims are based on the effects to the brain, addictive effects, and the effects to the health of the individual using marijuana. It is due to these claims that it has raised the concern of members of the society as to why to illegalize the use of marijuana. The various governments have a big task to enforce this use of marijuana and therefore laws should be set concerning the matter of illegalizing it (Doweiko 156).
Experiments carried out by scientists in the laboratory show that marijuana is a mixture of many chemical elements numbering up to 425 when it is smoked. These chemicals have been tested to be acutely toxic to the body and are psychoactive chemical elements. It is due to these facts that the claim of marijuana’s effects to the brain has taken root (MARIJUANA). Marijuana has a dangerous active chemical compound known as delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol that causes the effects to the brain (National Institute on Drug Abuse).  THC is activated when an individual smokes making it to pass quickly to the lungs then into the bloodstream. The chemical is then carried in the blood pumped by the heart to the body organs and the brain. The THC acts on the cannabinoid receptors leading to a channel of cellular reactions, which in turn makes one, feel high than before. Research has shown that marijuana intoxication can then lead to impaired coordination, distorted perceptions, and memory problems. It is due to these effects of marijuana that need to illegalize it forms the basis of my argument (Mack and Joy 84).
The research carried out on effects of marijuana show that it has an addiction potential to a long-term consumer. This has effects on an individual’s daily activities such as learning, work and relationship with the family. Withdrawal by these long-term abusers has not been an easy task due to the outcome of the act. These effects are lack of sleep, irritability, loss of appetite, and desire for the drug hence making it difficult for one to abstain. It is due to this claim that the use of marijuana needs to be illegalized in the whole world (Doweiko 154).
Chronic use of marijuana leads to the effects of depression, schizophrenia, mental problems and increased rates of the anxiety of an individual. This is because of the studies that have been carried out on the drug. The effects are more effective especially when young people use the drug as it leads them to violence and stress. This has raised concern by the whole society to illegalize the use of marijuana due to the claim of its effects on the health of individuals. Therefore, it should be concluded from the claims above that marijuana is a dangerous drug to people’ health and society as a whole and hence should be illegalized by all ways possible (Martel 143).
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