For the final project, you are required to write a Marketing Management Plan (MMP) for an industry organization (profit or nonprofit) of your choice. You will research and write the plan in two parts. Extend your first paper with the following additional sections: Marketing communication plan for internal use; How will you communicate key marketing objectives, progress, and updates to internal stakeholders? Description of how you will monitor and report activity on your product line/organization that you are tracking in social media; What metrics will you measure?
Description of the marketing management relationship with other operating units within the organization. Include an organization chart focusing on marketing functions and connections with other operating units. Analyze the positioning of marketing within the organization. How does the organizational culture “fit” with marketing objectives? Are there potential areas of conflict with marketing? Remember that in the business world, the owners, stakeholders, board of directors, corporate offices, and operational vice presidents will be asking you why you have included the specific elements and activities within your marketing management plan. Organization: Health through Walls

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