Milestone One: Topic Proposal and Literature Review Worksheet In Module Two, you will submit your topic proposal and literature review worksheet. You will use the feedback you received from your instructor and classmates in Module One to refine your initial topic into a more formal proposal. You will also locate three initial references to support the topic. To accomplish this, you will fill out the Topic Proposal and Literature Review Worksheet.

This template will guide you through describing your chosen topic and the resources to support your research. Refer to the Topic Proposal and Literature Review Worksheet Example to assist you in filling out the worksheet. Based on your instructor’s grading feedback, you will rewrite your worksheet responses and use them in your final paper. This milestone is graded with the Milestone One Rubric. 

Milestone Two: Research Question Identification Discussion In Module Three, you will participate in a discussion in which you share your research question with your classmates and identify four additional references that relate to the gap your proposed research study would fill. When you are done with this assignment, you will have a total of seven references to use for your final paper.

Your classmates and your instructor will give you specific feedback on your research question, references, and proposed study directly in the discussion topic. Incorporate the feedback into your final paper, paying particular attention to the requirements in the Research Design section. This milestone is graded with the Milestone Two Rubric. 

Milestone Three: Draft of Research Investigation 

In Module Five, you will submit a draft of your final paper. Your instructor will give you feedback on your paper to help you improve it for the final version. Do the best possible job on your draft; the more closely it meets the final requirements, the less editing you will have to do on the final version, which is due in Module Seven.

Your draft should incorporate instructor feedback gained thus far in the course. It will also be important for you to apply feedback you receive from this draft to your final submission. This milestone is graded with the Milestone Three Rubric. 

Final Project I Submission: Research Investigation In Module Seven, you will submit your final research investigation. Edit your draft based on your instructor’s feedback to craft the final paper, and be sure it meets all the rubric requirements in the Literature Review, Research Design, and Articulation of Response sections to maximize your grade. You must complete and turn in a final version of your paper to receive a grade for your final project, even if your draft did not need many additions or corrections.

As a reminder, refer to the SNHU Online Writing Center for guidance on how to properly cite sources in APA style. Highlight the changes on your final paper so your instructor can quickly see the edited areas; this expedites the grading process.

WRITER: Please pay close attention to the professor’s feedback. Please focus on research gaps, ethics in research- APA, and most important a research design. Also focus on the research surrounding biopsychology as it impacts society and potential future research in this field. Thank you