Refer back to the handout, "Beyond the Boom" –
how does this play break conventions and stereotypes in terms of how the characters and story line in literature essay are presented? how was it traditional and nontraditional?
How might Mexican American literature continue to change?
BEYOND THE BOOM Handout below-
Beyond The Boom (handout)
English – Bertero
Beyond Worlds: Beyond the Boom

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In this theme, we consider literary works that perhaps break typical modes in some way, stylistically or thematically. The intention is to throw out all hint of categorization and compartmentalization in order to end the semester with a suggestion of things to come and focus attention on writers and works who grapple with the changing cultural intricacies of today’s Mexican Americans.
Reconstructing the Past
It has been suggested that a cultural tendency of Mexican Americans is for writers to look back into and through the traumas (personal and general) of MA history and experience for the subject matter of their creative work. Writers may struggle to invent new ways to express their contemporary stories and ideas; and they are in a constant battle to unearth and revisit the parts of their cultural heritage that have made (for whatever reason) distant and obscure.

They delve into historical facts and incidents in hopes of finding events to write about which speak to contemporary issues them today. This can mean the inclusion of politics, history, religion, etc.
Beyond the Horizon
At the heart of this theme are the constant questions related to race, gender and class. Although these are hardly new subjects in MA writing, these issues are more and more central to the literature, as writers delve into racial issues, sexual roles, and cultural traditions.
There is a sense that the Mexican American writer, perhaps more than most writers, now contemplates the past with an eye toward what is to come. In the end, what can be expected from MA writers in the future is the unexpected itself.

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