1. Answer all questions. The entire homework should be 1500 words or less.


  1. Define the following terms in a sentence each:
  • Leveraged Buyout
  • Downscoping
  • Functional Structure
  • Related Diversification
  • Focus Strategy
  • IPv6
  • Carbon Footprint
  1. We have discussed the 2017-2018 takeover tussle between Broadcom and Qualcomm. While the battle was eventually stopped by the government nixing Broadcom’s bid, the entire episode showcased the issues at stake in a hostile takeover situation. Read the following article as a refresher: Name two ways in which Broadcom hoped to benefit from the acquisition. Can any of Qualcomm’s actions be considered a “poison pill”?
  2. The following article on executive compensation from 2014 suggests that some executives are earning nearly $40,000 an hour (! The following figure shows that much of the compensation comes from stock options, which is considered a good instrument of “corporate governance” (; also see our ppt in the course documents section). The data is a few years old, but the trend toward overpayment of CEOs has remained stable, and even intensified as we move into 2018. Do you think such compensation is fair? Should we move away from a stock option model to a straight salary model for CEOs and top managers? Discuss the pros and cons of both.
  3. Imagine that Mark Zuckerberg (CEO of Facebook), Sundar Pichai (Google), Jack Dorsey (Twitter), and Evan Speigel (Snap) asked you for advice on how to move forward from the crisis of public under-confidence in social media. Give them advice in 5 bullets, a sentence each. Feel free to be provocative, but constructive.
  4. Comment on Satya Nadella’s leadership style in 200 words or less. Emphasize how he was different from Steve Ballmer.