It’s a budget project. intro…Welcome to sociology of marriage and the family! This semester you will be exploring numerous aspects of marital issues (both theoretically and practically). Since a major issue in every marriage is finances your first paper is to explore your finances and how you view money. The second mini paper will entail keeping a log of all the expenses that you have for an entire week. You will also be asked to look at the household expenses that are usually paid for during a course of a month. For example, If you are living at home with your parents and you have a bowl of cereal -you need to include that in your budget since even if you did not pay for it, it is not free! You should also find out about household bills( if you are not currently responsible for them). You need to write down everything that you spend money on in a detailed list (gas, clothes, books, coffee, etc).
Then you need to write down the money that you are receiving from a job, etc). Finally, you need to review the budget and see how you are doing. Are you spending dollars a week on cigarettes? Alcohol? Movies? Clothes? The next part of the paper is to explore what is important for you financially. By this, you should look at how you view money. Some questions that you may ask yourself are: 1 Are you a saver? 2 Do you know your credit score and is it important to you? 3 Do you live beyond your means? 4 Do you talk about finances with your significant others? 5 If you are in a serious relationship, do you know their credit score, debts, etc? How do you feel about asking financial aspects from your significant other? How do you view savings and budgets? Do you have a plan for your future and saving for your significant purchases, such as houses, cars, children etc.? What factors do you take into account when you look at your monthly expenses? Would you be able to financially handle not having an income for 8 months. Suze Orman explains that everyone should have an eight month emergency fund (which is your total monthly expenses times 8). In this paper, you need to figure out your TOTAL monthly expenses so you can see how close/far away you are from this emergency fund. Please list each day and all the expenses incurred. You will need to list each and everything you eat and how much it costs you (even if you did not buy it, for example-Ate breakfast at home (did not pay for since I live at home; took taxi , etc) write up your results! The paper must be 3-4 pages. Please Please read carefully and answer all questions. I don’t smoke or drink. I have no children. I am in a serious relationship. My partner and I discuss our finances etc. We hide nothing from one another. We are savers. I love shopping at high end stores. To name a few…bloomingdales, neiman marcus, saks fifth avenue bergdorf goodman. Please write my paper on an adult level. I am 38 years old. Thanks so much

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