As this is a study of Moral Philosophy, you will be expected to be able to competently express your thoughts philosophically. This includes demonstration on your part of your understanding of the vocabulary used for philosophical inquiry and discussion, as well as the correct application of theories and concepts we’ve studied and discussed, articulated in writing at a level that can be reasonably expected of a college student. This is not an English paper or a paper for the Social Sciences; you are not going to write narratively or descriptively, but argumentatively – something that is probably quite new to you – and that’s okay. This should also not be thought of nor approached as an opinion paper – I am not interested in your opinions on the contentious issues you discuss, but rather, how well you understand the philosophy as applied to them. This is the only written work required, to be written according to the guidelines that follow, and it may be turned in through Canvas at ANY TIME prior to midnight, the 26th April 2018 It is very important that you follow my guidelines precisely and write the paper to the best of your ability, as it will constitute 25% of your overall grade. NB: You will most likely note that the instructions that follow, while carefully specified as to what your term paper should include and the steps you ought to take in writing it, are otherwise somewhat vague as which contentious issue you must write about. This has been done intentionally to give you the maximum possible latitude in terms of adapting the assignment to fit your interests and make it more enjoyable (or at least more tolerable) to complete than it otherwise might be. You should not feel you have to stick to any one interest, field, or method in your application of these philosophies either – feel free to explore a bit, and take the philosophers along with you!

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