I am an international student. I need simple word write my paper. This is my required. This is marketing project paper, Develop a 1,000 to 1,500 word paper in APA format. The paper should include at least 2 in-text citations and 2 references. student should take a product (new or existing) and define the key market segments this product could address, a target market for the product, and the strategy that supports this target market selection.If the product is an existing product with an existing company I DO NOT want a report on what the company did. This should be an analysis of a new opportunity.
I modify this statement, \”Had it not been for the influence of Native-Americans and African Americans the English colonist in North America would have created a society by 1700 much more similar to that which they had left behind in Great Britain. Write an essay in which you modify this statement. Be sure to consider social, political, and economic factors. Were the Puritans justified in banishing Anne Hutchinson and Roger Williams? Be sure to give examples or analogies to defend this position. 3-4 pages typed double-spaced.

I am not happy with the paper, this paper looks like the writer do not understand my paper requirement, please see my comment below and revise it asap today.

– This paper should be written purely from the direction of PR event proposal to client (Carlsberg), the current paper you provide sounds more like an anti drinking organization in Hong Kong writing about the harmfulness of drinking.
– More focus on writing the company (Carlsberg) strategy about promoting “if drink, don’t drive” , and more writing on the event details. There are many not important / related written on the paper. Please cut down and more summarize the company background, such as, do not need to write how hard to get the ticket for ruby sevens, which is not related to the paper)
– The aim for this paper should be focusing on how Carlsberg promote its corporate image by education the public about the harmfulness of drink driving, in order to be social responsible.
– You need to focus on the event and write as a PR company, a event proposal to Carlsberg.
– This paper is focus on drink driving only, not harmful of excessive drinking, please revise.
– The events should be written as a proposal style, the wording on the paper “Carlsberg should be… should be… “ seems not right.
– Carlsberg did not come out with these event ideas (sponsor the transportation of Ruby Sevens and pre-events to promote their sponsorship at Ruby Sevens), writing this paper is the act as an PR company that suggesting the client – Carlsberg can organize these event in order to reach their goal – promote not to drink driving – which is part of their tactics on being social responsible – which building up their corporate image. Please revise the paper
– more details on the event, event idea and event implementation.
– Event implementation need to rewrite, I think the writer misunderstood this paper. Ruby Seven is the event already existing and Carlsberg is the beer supplier is the fact. We giving Carlsberg an idea how to promote their corporate image by educating the society don’t drive if drink alcohol. This paper need to give new event ideas (writing as a PR, like a event plan proposal).
So, as I suggested before, we can suggest Carlsberg to sponsor the Ruby Sevens’ transportation to bring out the message don’t drive if drink. In order to promote this further, we suggest Carlsberg to create events at the shopping mall and bar in different location before the Ruby Sevens is start, may be 1-2 months ahead. Those event can be educational and with attractive prize to draw people attention. I need a detail event plan with time scale and budget on this, but on the paper you provided, only said Event’s campaign on drunk driving with 3 months… and others really not so what I need.
– For the budget, should include transportation sponsor cost, like car rental; event production, social media webpage production, printing cost; venue rental; manpower; newspaper / magazine advertising cost etc. Time scale should be include all the above. And please write as a professional PR event planner, I might have missed something and please listed all possible event details out.
– Event evaluation need to rewrite, we should evaluate the event acting as an event company, and they do not evaluate through police department. I suggest, may be getting the people who played the game to fill an questionnaire, or leaving their details so can do follow up call / online questionnaire after the event is finished.  
Please let me know when can I receive my revised version. Time is critical, please have someone know about event /  public relations / corporate communication to write my paper. Thank you.”

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