The purpose of this assignment is to encourage students to: 1.Develop information literacy skills. 2.Effectively use APA format in creating a formal paper. 3.Develop clear concise writing skills. 4.Increase their knowledge and understanding of nursinginformatics. Directions: Using that topic and the theoretical framework, write a paper which must be between 15 and 20 pages in narrative, not including the title page and reference page.

The paper should follow APA format and include the following sections: abstract, introduction, background, body of the paper, implications and conclusions with future directions. TOPIC 1. How do computer, information and informatics literacy interrelate and overlap? The concept of computer, information and informatics literacy are interrelated and overlap as all three concepts are dependent upon on another in order to manipulate information.

Computer literacy and information literacy are areas that each individual will have different skill sets in based on training and education. There are several questions with regards to computer literacy that will need to be answered for each individual such as: At what educational level is the individual with the concept of understanding the functionality of a computer?

Does the individual understand how the use of the computer fits into the environment in which they are working? Does the individual know how to use a computer? After these questions have been answered, it will be easier to determine how to introduce the individual to the concept of the computer and its functionality. Information literacy competencies deal with information retrieval knowledge and skills:

knowing when there is a need for information; identifying the information needed to address a given problem or issue; finding the needed information and evaluating it; organizing the information; and using the information effectively to address the problem or issues (ANA, 2008). Again this concept is dependent on the individuals training and education.

At what educational level is the individual with regards to information retrieval? Does the individual know what they are trying to accomplish and what data do they need to accomplish the request? As we can see the concepts of computer literacy and information literacy are now overlapping and interrelated as the individual will be unable to manipulate and retrieve information without the ability to utilize the computer effectively.

The concept of informatics literacy now is going to integrate computer literacy, information literacy and the concept of nursing. Again, are we dealing with a new graduate nurse or a seasoned nurse of 35 years? How much education has the nurse received regarding computer systems and information literacy?

Is the nurse using computerized charting or are they still using paper charting? What is their role in the nursing function? Are they a nurse manager, staff nurse or a nurse educator? There are just a few concepts regarding nursing experience, however, they are quite relevant in anticipating what skill set the nurse may possess with regards to computer, information and informatics literacy.

Informatics is conceptual the process of bringing computer literacy, information literacy and nursing together so thenursing function can collect data and make decisions more effectively and efficiently. However, the entire concept is dependent on education and the willingness to be educated.

2. How do the knowledge and skills in each are impact life in general as well as the practice of nursing? The concept of knowledge and skills in any area will impact life for the individual. The more knowledge and skills one individual possess the more able that individual will be able to contribute more to society as a whole.

Computers and computer technology is forever evolving and will continue to do so in the future. As mankind looks for more efficient and expedient ways to perform data and information manipulation, technology will have to be improving. The individuals in our society will have to maintain their education at a level that is conducive for them to perform in the career of their choice. Technology has now entered the career of nursing and is changing expediently by the day as the demands on the health care industry increase daily.

Nurses are being introduced to computerized charting, databases, and concepts as simple as Excel spreadsheets. The key is to educate the individual so they can remain a functioning part of the organization.Nurses are now being required to do more and more each day and the introduction of technology is now making the ability to perform those responsibilities easier.

Although, there are individuals who resist change and unfortunately they will be unable to remain in the current environment. It is key that all nurses remain flexible and receptive to change and education in technology. All professions are in the same environment. Physicians are also experiencing a change in their career as technology continues to advance. It is causing them to change how the practice medicine. Education and mentorship is also needed for the physician so they can remain effective in their roles.

If individuals decide not to educate themselves in the evolving technological world, they will no longer be considered marketable in the labor force. Change is inevitable and a good thing for society, but we must remember to remain flexible and open minded. Reference: ANA,Nursing Informatics: Scope & Standard of Practice. 2008, p. 36