This paper has many different sections. The paper should depict things that are occurring within the site (Hospital) that I currently do my rotations. Some of the information that has to be applied will have to be taken from the internet and applied to the paper as if this is what is \”actually\” happening within my clinical rotation site. I will list below some of the things that need to be included in the sections and websites that can give more info to be applied. 1. Discuss the role of a nurse informaticst from the interviewed preceptor. I did not do an interview, therefore I would need the general role of a nurse informaticst from google but it needs to be formatted in such a way where it seems like an interview took place. 2. Identify the concepts and standard of nursing informatics at the selected site and how they apply it to the health care setting identify some concepts and standards and apply it to this section of the paper. Direct some of the concepts and standards to Upholding core measures and submission of clinical quality measures b) Submission of clinical quality measures and protection of patient privacy c) Protection of patient privacy and electronic exchange of information d) Electronic exchange of information and submission of clinical quality measures 3. Discuss the emergence of telehealth, telenursing, telemedicine at the site Explain 3 observed practices of telenursing telemedicine and telehealth at the site that meet holistic needs of patients, families. this site uses a few things to meet the needs of the patients, families, etc . telepsych- many patients in the community often suffer from limited access to psychiatric treatment by trained psychiatrists. immediate availability of emergency psychiatric assessments and interventions Patients access to a wider range of experts Reduced care delays Continuity of care assurance Stigma reduction Secure Safe Private Improved quality of care 2) E-ICU- critical care monitoring. allows nurses who are located at a different remote location can monitor patients in my sites ICU. an extra set of eyes. website below gives more info. please write how it can help holistic needs of patient and family 3)Patient Portal- gives assess to patients health info. more info in website below. connect how patient portal meets holistic needs of patients, families Identify the primary use of administrative software KRONOS- is an automated workforce management solution with scheduling and timekeeping functionality that integrates with HR and payroll solutions optimizes workforce productivity, supports quality patient care, increases employee satisfaction, and improves compliance. Workforce Scheduler Schedule thousands of employees across multiple business functions and locations Align the right employees with right skills at right time in the right location Workforce Timekeeper Track, manage, and control employee time and attendance to reduce payroll inflation and manual errors Minimize compliance risk by enforcing and tracking complex compliance requirements such as FLSA, ACA, and union rules Workforce Mobile Achieve the visibility and mobile capability your workforce needs to submit requests Use on the same sleek platform with the same familiar interface you love Describe the network systems deployed at your hospital and identify comparable or high level systems that can enhance patient services. At the facility I am at right now, they use a manual admitting board. This board is filled with color coordinated flash cards. The board is manually operated and changed by the admitting staff. This way is an older approach due to the fact that the facility is unable to adapt to a high level system like teletracking. This old fashion method of manually updating the admitting board is time consuming, tedious, and leaves room for error. the high level system that I would Identify to enhance patient services is teletracking. teletracking optimizes patient flow would alleviate congestion in the ER by getting people into the right beds more quickly. They had to have faith that hospitals would adopt new technology that wasn’t diagnostic or therapeutic, but designed to make work flow better. add info on how teletracking will benefit the facility. analyze the measures used to maintain confidentiality of electronic health records at your facility. measures used to ensure confidentiality include new software syncplicity- file sharing through hospital personnel. stores patients health information, it is a securesystem and can be downloaded as an app and used on mobil phones. cyber securityupdates- the facility sends random phishing emails. secured texting –

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