Add on to this paper by writing one and 1/4pages explaining how high-performance work practices can make a difference by helping improve culture diversity in the nursing profession. Do not use word for word from the paper. Make sure you site the information like in the paper. Text paragraphs logical and concise Use APA format (double spaced; margins per APA; in-text reference Notations; reference list) Introduction: Opening paragraph Body: Use notes from clinical journal as examples; also, reference the roles of nurses as a) member of the profession, b) provider of patient-centered care; c) patient safety advocate, and d) member of the health care team (NCSBN RN competencies). Summary/Closing – Your conclusion, overall evaluation of the observances of leadership/management activities, principles and the implications for patients and student learning/confirmations of the 4 areas listed above as evidenced during your rotation; management styles; leadership characteristics; environment; and communication.

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