I need the answers for 2 questions. so please dedicated 2 pgs to each question: 1. What is the security dilemma and what factors, according to Jervis in \”Offense, Defense, and the Security Dilemma\” make it more or less severe? Think about how the offense-defense balance helps us to understand state behavior and whether it is a useful concept. Relatedly, how might Walt\’s argument about the balance of threat impact how the security dilemma operates? focus: Cooperation and Conflict in an Anarchic System using: ? Art and Jervis, Oye “The Conditions of Cooperation in World Politics,” pp.76-90, Jervis “Offense, Defense, and the Security Dilemma,” pp. 90-111, Walt “Alliances: Balancing and Bandwagoning,” pp. 125-132, Kang “Hierarchy and Hegemony inInternational Politics,” pp. 131-136, Hoffman “The Uses and Limits ofInternational Law,” pp. 146-151. ? Lauren et al., Chapter 8, pp. 163-186. 2. What does it mean to say that force, or military power, is \”fungible\”? How would a Liberal or Constructivist respond to Art\’s arguments that spill-over effects and \”linkage politics\” explain how force has remained a pervasive feature in world politics after the Cold War? focus: Nuclear and Conventional Force using: ? Art and Jervis, Art “The Four Functions of Force,” pp. 164-171, Schelling “The Diplomacy of Violence,” pp. 172- 186, Art “The Fungibility of Force,” pp. 197-213. ? Lauren et al., ch. 9-11, pp. 187-256. Please use the three different paradigms: realist, liberal and constructivist/radical to give views on each situation You can use all the sources as you see fit. I think I have put them correctly but I could be wrong. These are a few more helpful ones ? Art and Jervis, Tickner “A Critique of Mogenthau’s Principles of Political Realism,” pp. 22-34, Wendt “Anarchy is What States Make of It,” pp. 35-56. ? Stephen Walt, \”InternationalRelations: One World, Many Theories,\” Foreign Policy, Spring 1998, pp. 29-48. ? Francis Fukuyama, “What If Women Ran the World?” Foreign Affairs, September/October 1998, pp. 24-40.

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