What Does ‘Do Your Homework Mean?’
The Cambridge English Dictionary defines homework as a set of tasks that teachers assign to students to be completed outside the class settings. Some common homework assigned to me often include a period of reading, math problems to be solved, reviewing materials and some writing work to be done.
How Do I Motivate Myself to Do my College Homework?
I hate doing my homework, and I often find myself procrastinating until the last minute. It happens that the problem does not relate to the unwillingness to do it but rather the lack of motivation to start the even the basic introduction of drafting an outline. However, I have discovered a few ways to overcome this problem and be motivated to do my homework.
The benefits of take-home assignments are immeasurable. The best thing that will happen if I do my homework is that I may obtain good grades. Moreover, my teacher will appreciate my work. That is not all since I will have learned a great deal after doing the homework and this will perhaps pave the way for a better life in future. Thinking about these benefits will ultimately surge me with the motivation and energy to not only focus on my homework but also enjoy it.
Consider the consequences of not doing the homework. The worst thing that can happen is that I may get poor grades. Homework helps me to learn more and failing to do it means that I may fail not only in class but also in the outside world.
A homework partner may be another motivating factor. The aspect of doing all the research alone without even some discussion with a friend is tiring and boring. To overcome this boredom and be motivated, I will find someone to sit with me. The individual should be a focused and hardworking person. Having a working partner will make me feel motivated and comfortable working, too. Online homework help is also an ideal option because you get professionals who deliver work as you desire.
How do I Stop Procrastinating on Homework?
I normally have a problem with procrastination when given some homework. As I have previously indicated, the main cause of this problem is the lack of motivation to do my homework. However, I believe that by following a few guidelines, I can stop procrastinating on homework.
Create a reward system with my parents. It may include a new pair of shows I want or a vacation to a new destination. I may ask my parents for a deal on something that I may want them to give them only if I attain my homework goals. This will make me stick to the agreement, which involves finishing my homework.
I come up with small goals whenever I have homework. Accomplishing small goals is easy. Therefore, I may take small parts of the homework day by day and set new goals as I proceed with the homework. In the end, I may find that I have completed all the homework, which is a good feeling any student desires to have.
I must set aside time for personal things such as playing and socializing. I must give myself enough time to do the things I want apart from homework. Afterward, I will be ready to do my homework assignments.
How Is Homework Good For You?
Each time I do my homework, I end up gaining four important skills. All of these skills will help me in future.
The first skill is time management. When given some homework, I must complete it within a specified period. Therefore, I have to organize myself and set aside enough time for doing them. Handing in my homework in time is beneficial since the teacher will not deduct points and I will not suffer the consequences.
The next skill is responsibility. When given some homework, it is my responsibility to do it and hand it to the teacher. By assuming full responsibility and completing my homework, I learn to be accountable for my actions. This continues even when I am outside the school setting.
Self-esteem is another reason why homework is good for me. By completing my homework in a timely fashion, I will be able to develop self-confidence and trust. Moreover, I will feel good about my accomplishments, and this will serve as an inspiration to work harder on future projects.
The final benefit is perseverance. Through homework, I can learn how to handle adversity. Finishing an assignment can make me feel proud regardless of the problems and difficulties involved.
Is There A Word Homeworks?
The term homework is a collective word for all the take-home lessons of various subjects. In English, the word homework is not a mass word. Therefore, it is an uncountable noun. However, many English Second Language (ESL) students make the common mistake of saying things such as “bring your homework.” Since the word homework is an uncountable noun, it does not have a plural form.
However, if one must refer to some pieces of homework, then, the right word to use is assignments. Therefore, it is correct to say homework assignments but not homeworks.
What Do You Do If You Left Your Homework At School?
If I left my homework at school, I would never freak out as I have many options or replacements for the forgotten homework. First and foremost, I would make a copy of my friend’s homework.
I would borrow their homework sheets for a few minutes before the teacher gets in class. Then, I would rush the worksheet to the nearest place where I can have it photocopied. If I am already at school and I do not find a photocopier, I would copy the homework by hand.
If I am at home, I would call my friend and ask him to read me the worksheet over the telephone as I hand write down all the details.
The next option would be to go to school very early the following morning and try to finish the homework. Given that I could not finish the homework without the material I forgot at school, I would ensure that I go to school early the next day. Then, I can try to do the homework during this time.
Alternatively, I can submit the homework by sending an email to my teacher. I may ensure that I submit the homework to the teacher on the same day even if it is in digital format. I would call my teacher and ask if this option would be fine. If allowed, I would finish the homework as soon as possible.
If all the above alternatives fail, I will talk to the teacher to request an extension. I would explain what happened and I would even request for permission for late submission. Since I have never been in such a situation, the teacher will possibly appreciate my honesty and give me an extension.
What Do You Do When You Don’t Want To Do Your Homework?
Sometimes, I feel like I do not want to do my homework as I participate in many school activities. By the time I get home, I am tired and cannot do my homework. At times, I just run out of time or oversleep. Whichever the case, I often find some ways on how to get my teacher and parents off my back and convince them that I have a good reason why I did not do my homework.
Even if I do not do my homework, I always have techniques that make it appear as if I made an effort at the homework. However, this should not be a habit because if I continue relying on these tactics, my grades may suffer eventually.
When I am not in the mood do my homework, the first thing I think of is to make excuses for my teacher. I may blame things such as technical failure, a family problem of even fake sickness. I may also say that internet or my computer failed me.
However, this is a petty excuse and is likely that the teacher or my parents may not buy it. If I was to email my homework to the teacher, I might ask him/her whether he/she received my work.
If the answer is no, I may act confused and argue that I sent the work even before the deadline. Probably, the teacher will not be in a position to confirm in conversation, and I will have a chance to request for extra time. Another excuse would be a family crisis. In such a case, I must pick things that the teacher does not know much about.
I might say that I am facing a family dispute, which I do not feel comfortable discussing; this is what made me not to do my homework. For instance, I might say that my parents are having a financial crisis, which is a sad thing that someone would encounter.
I may even fake sickness and ask the teacher to give me more time because I am unable to do my homework in my current condition. This may work well as I rarely fall sick and the teacher will easily trust me.
Besides the excuses of failing to do my homework, I may make it appear as if I did it. I may act as if I did the homework but forgot at home. When the teacher asks me to submit it, I may start searching my bag thoroughly before starting to apologize. I may say things such as “I must have left my books in the study room.”
At this point, I may ask the teacher if I can go back home and bring the work. This will give me extra time to complete the work. These tactics may work properly as most teachers do not grade homework early and so, I may have enough time to do the work and submit later.
I may also seek request a cheap essay writing company to prepare a draft for me after which I will come to modify or have an idea of what I expect. I have found this to be helpful to me especially when I am running out a time or fixed at work.
Why Do Teachers give a lot of Homework?
Teachers give a lot of homework because they want their students to remember almost everything they learned in school. School teaches us the most important skills which we apply later in our professions whether one becomes a doctor, teacher, lawyer or any other. Teachers want to support their students succeed.
They provide this support by giving homework. A lot of homework help students remember most of the things taught in class. If I do my homework, I feel more confident and perform better in class the next lesson.
With the varying educational skills among students, some of us find some subjects to be easy and others hard. The best thing is to spend more time in building and improving our knowledge of the tough ones. The extra practice can be achieved by giving students some take home assignments. Therefore, students should always make an effort to complete all their homework assignments.
Why Is Homework Bad For You?
School is one critical element of my life as it enables me to obtain the necessary skills to succeed in life. Failure to attend school would mean that I do not acquire these skills and this would be a disadvantage for the rest of my life. Although schooling is essential in my career progression, I believe that I should take a break from my schoolwork and my homework. Homework may be bad for me for various reasons.
Homework can be a source of stress for me. Homework means extra schoolwork to be done outside the school setting. The extra work can lead to unhealthy stress levels. At school, I attend numerous lessons and classes resulting in many assignments that I have to do at home. I always feel anxious and stressed when the time for submission approaches because I may not have attempted any of them.
Homework is a burden. Another reason homework is bad for me is that I need time to rest and take my mind off schoolwork. At school, we engage in many activities that leave me weary when I get home. I spend the whole day at school solving math problems, memorizing lines and reading long chapters. Therefore, giving me homework will predispose me to exhaustion.
Homework is also bad as it consumes my free time. I feel that I need time to socialize, spend with family, and engage in extracurricular activities. All these are beneficial because they help me refresh my body and mind. I hate the fact that homework eats up all the time I have to engage in all these things. See our Blog