Guidance for Unit 4                                                                                                       
Please consider the following in your Unit 4 COMPLETE assignment.

  1. Case Summary and the Narrative Format: The case summary is supposed to be on the Real time case assigned for the unit.  In Unit 4, it is Real-Time Case 24: Papa John’s. Remember to use the narrative format in your summary.  Remember as well that you need to find additional “real time” information from the internet and integrate the information into your summary.


  1. Case Analysis #1: Analyze Papa John’s competitive strategy using the Porter, and the Miles and Snow typologies discussed in the textbook.  Please make sure that you develop a very clear focus.  You can enhance clarity by discussing each typology in a different paragraph.  Please do not confuse Porter’s typology with Porter’s Five Forces; this question is on the typology (low-cost, differentiation, focus).  Note as well that you are required to discuss BOTH Porter and Miles & Snow typologies.


  1. Case Analysis #2: This question requires that you analyze the relationship between competitive strategies and functional strategies in the case of Papa John’s.  Do not forget to give examples to support your claims.


  1. Application: In your application essay, you will do very well to tie together Porter’s Five Forces, SWOT analysis, and competitive strategies. Be very clear about which of the threats in the Five Forces you will be facing, and the appropriate competitive strategies you would choose to meet this threat, given your internal strengths and weaknesses.