Read the case study titled “Performance Management at the National Institute of Management†and write an essay answering the following questions related to the case study:
1. An overview of the advantages and disadvantages of the existing performance management system. Has the current system failed to address organizational objectives satisfactorily? What are the short-term and long-term implications of the current system on the organization and faculty?
2. A comparison of the perspectives of the various stakeholders, particularly the board of directors and faculty. How might you align the two perspectives?
3. A summary of the performance management cycle stages through which the organization goes. Identify what stages seem to be excluded and how this impacts subsequent stages of performance management.
Inn-text citations and references should be presented using APA guidelines.
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Had the League of Nations been a stronger institution with universal participation, could World War II have been prevented? This paper topic is for a research paper for aninternational relations class. The purpose of the 8 page paper is to give the opportunity to delve into a particular issue of interest, the reasons it took place and explore how IR theories and paradigms can help explain the historic development. E.g. Liberal Explanations, Realist Explanations, Identity Explanations, institutionalists Please include these sources: Robert Art and Robert Jervis, eds., International Politics, 11th edition (Pearson, 2013) -(pp. 71-91). 2. J. S. Nye and David Welch, Understanding Global Conflict and Cooperation, 9th edition (Pearson, 2013) – pp. 121-140.
speak out on the future of Africa 2025: What does the future hold for the African continent? What are the possible scenarios? How will the future be different from the Africa that exists today?
Submissions will be judged for both their analytical rigour and their quality of exposition and written expression. Your paper must be innovative and able to put forward positive proposals for the future of the African continent on three main issues:
1.)Economic challenges: What are the main determinants and engines for growth and are they likely to anchor a high potential growth rate for the short, medium and long term? How do you describe and analyse the economic transformation that is taking place?
2.Environmental challenges: Is African growth sustainable? How to harness natural resources for structural transformation? How to combine sustainability with the demands of growth and urbanization in terms of access to energy and natural resources?
3.)Social and political challenges: How inclusive has growth been and how much does it also lead to a social and political transformation? How can we build a bridge between informality and formality and initiate the process of moving out of informality?

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