Performance Management Fundamentals
Individual Project Brief
Overall Grade: 50%
Objective of the Project:
•Develop an ability to examine and understand the design, implementation and use of
performance measurement and management systems.
•Develop an ability to review and evaluate performance measurement and management
system effectiveness.
This project:
You are required to examine/analyse an existing performance measurement and management of an
organisation (medium or small-sized) or a division /department.
Use the questions to guide your data collection – preferably an interview you can conduct with the
person responsible for performance measurement and management.
Do NOT just do desk-research or google information from websites as they can’t provide the level of
details and kinds of information that you need to complete the project.
Learning Outcomes:
Demonstrate an ability to analyse and evaluate performance measurement and management system
Executive Summary (1 page max) 12% The executive summary must have the following parts written as separate paragraphs: Introduce the topic Describe the method of data collection and analysis Findings Conclusion Rating 1 Poor 2 Good 3 Excellent Content page 2% The content page should be generated using word processing embedded in the Word document. List of numbered sections in report and their page numbers Introduction to the report (1 page max) 10% Terms of Reference Outline the report structure Eg Part 1 presents the Company background highlighting the nature of business and the industry in which they operate; Part 2: ……; Part 3: ……. ;Part 4:….. Background of the Company/Organisation (2 pages max) 10%
Introduce the organisation and explain why you were motivated to work on it.
You can include an organisation chart.
Explain how the department work towards the organization as whole; what is their objective, their
functions, etc etc
Examine how performance measurement is important for them.
Research Method and Data Collection (2 pages max) 10%
Explain how you gain access to the information/data and how those data was collected.
Did you interview someone about how they have designed and developed the system?
How did you gain access to information?
Were you involved in designing and developing the system?
What was your role if you are working there?

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