Write a two-page reflection paper on Personal Branding, as related to you and your development. An “A” paperwill make a concerted effort to integrate the course content (readings, lectures, and discussion) into the workplace reflection. If you need a paper topic idea: See page 125 of “Coaching Tips” in Reading #3 (Nice Girls Don’t Get the Corner Office). Use these tips to help define your brand. For your paperwrite about your brand and how you plan to further develop and market it. the class discussion include the points regarding the internship ask for work, share success, volunteer, network, family value, communication, actions, body language, tone of voice, reputation, humor, feedback, reliability, time management General information i am doing my internship in a small accounting firm with 4 employee and a boss because the paper have to reflect the work place .
I need a Synthesis paper, it needs to merely compare and contrast the claims of TWO/THREE different sourced writers. Also I need a substantive alternative to the conclusion or solution offered by the source writers. Topic for the Synthesis paper: Cause and Affect of over-fishing in the Pacific Ocean. MLA formatted. Also I will email over a synthesis paper, that my teach believes is a “A” paper.

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