To prepare for this PDP Assignment: Build upon the material from your Week 4 reflective paper. In doing so, please reflect upon the feedback from your Week 4 PDP. Below are questions/issues that you may again like to further reflect upon: •What links have you now identified between accounting and finance and effective strategic decision making? •Further discuss those areas of financial and management accounting, plus financial management, that have most resonated with you. •How do you see the concepts that you have studied applying to your professional experience, plus your personal finances? •What steps might you now take to aid you in the transition of applying the coursework to your workplace? •How can you link what you have studied in Managing Financial Resources with what you took away from your previous modules? •What ethical and cultural issues have you considered important in this module and how have they impacted upon your views of global business? •Do you feel that you have improved your ‘key skills’ (report writing, time management, etc.) as a result of your experiences with this module?

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