HRD  Adult Learning
The purpose of the paper is to allow you to reflect upon what you have read and written over the semester.  Your personal journal is a good place to start to remind you of what you were thinking as you read the materials and participated in the discussions.

To complete this assignment
Book reference for course material:

Merriam, S.B., & Bierema, L.L. (2014). Adult learning: linking theory and practice. San Fransisco, CA: Jossey-Bass.

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  1. Tell me how you see the information presented in the course, with respect to                                your own knowledge and experience. How has your concept of adult                             learning and education changed?  How do you see your new knowledge                              impacting your future  learning–or how might you use it in future tasks?                                 How did the assignment, Adult Learning Analysis, add to your                                                understanding of the field of adult learning and education?
  2. Choose and elaborate on three theories/concepts/models that have                                     meaning for you.  Why did you choose the three you did?  How do you                                     think you might utilize these three theories/concepts/models in the future,                           both personally and professionally?

I chose…
1.Social Learning Theory

  1. Constructivism Theory
  2. Humanistic Learning Theory

NOTE:  do not include the model/theory addressed in your Adult Learning
Analysis Paper for #2 above. Do NOT use Situated Cognition theory


  1. Use Microsoft Word or text software recognized by Word.
  2. Format according to APA 6th edition (double-spaced, page numbered, etc.).
  3. The paper should be no less than 8 and no more than 10 pages in length.                         Page totals do not include title page, references page, and appendices.

Do not include an abstract page.

  1. Use a formal writing style (see Writing Tips). It is acceptable in this paper to                            use the personal pronoun “I” because you are recording a personal                                  

NOTE:  Other personal pronouns, slang, writing as you speak are not                                   appropriate. Papers reflecting these items will be returned immediately



  1. Title your document as follows:

Last Name First Initial Personal Reflections

  1. Use the Assignments link provided in Canvas to submit for grading.


  1. The paper will be evaluated based upon the following criteria:

a).  Clarity of expression on the topic.
b).  Selection and expression of relevant ideas, concepts, and information.
c).  Quality of the support of evidence for statements included. 

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