Personal Relationships Wellness Philosophy (PRW) Prompt: Marriage
Marriage requires preparation and work. Taking into account your knowledge of common problems faced by newlyweds and the foundation for strong marriages, develop an effective premarital program to help prevent divorce. Be sure to address all three components of consummate love.

  1. Describe the foundation for strong marriages and divorce predictors.
  2. Describe common problems faced by newlyweds.
  3. Create and outline specific evidence-based interventions to address problems couples face.
  4. What problem does your intervention help prevent?
  5. How does each intervention help foster components of consummate love?
  6. How will problems differ depending on a couple’s length of time together?
  7. Include specific examples.
  8. Develop a plan to assist couples with continued enrichment of the marriage and future problems that may arise. Consider the impact of having children and other issues faced by couples later on in marriage.

Your paper must strictly adhere to APA guidelines. The PRW must be typed, double-spaced and formatted according to APA format. This paper is a minimum of six (6) pages in length, excluding your title and reference page, and a maximum of eight (8) pages. You are encouraged to cite the course text and lecture slides. You must use at least three (3) outside scholarly, peer-reviewed journal articles. The PRW is worth 100 points, 20% of your final grade. Please submit your paper to Dropbox by the due date.

Areas of Evaluation Points
Student accurately describes foundations for strong marriages and divorce predictors as well as common problems faced by newlyweds.

/ 15

Descriptions are concise and thorough. / 8
Interventions are specific to problems faced by couples, clearly linked to the problem they are meant to address and have some evidence of efficacy.

/ 30

Examples are clear and specific.  / 10
Student adequately develops a plan to assist couples with future problems that may arise while showing depth of understanding, introspection and insight.

/ 10

Student accurately incorporates credible outside sources of information. / 15
Proper APA format  / 5
Grammar & Spelling  / 5
Page length (full 6 page minimum)  / 2
Total / 100