Need a Persuasive essay in Problem-Cause-Solution format with researched sources to support each point. It must have a strong persuasive argument. Topic: Use of cellphone while driving should be prohibited
Thesis Statement: The use of cellphones while driving can cause visual distraction, manual inability, and cognitive disbalance that can lead to severe consequences and should be prohibited.

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I want the thesis to be like this, with clear format of my problem cause solution with 1- problem being the use of cellphone(includes using smartphone, emailing, texting, talking etc without hands free) 2-Causes being visual, manual and cognitive distractions 3- solution coming on prohibiting laws, hands free use etc.

Introduction: Needs to have an opening sentence, a topic sentence and thesis.
Body: 3 paragraphs of problem, cause, solution resp with sub points catering the thesis. Each point should be supported by a resource. Each paragraphed should have a internal summary of the things being talked in it.
Conclusion: Must have an external summary of the entire essay and a closing sentence. Must include: Have a use of ethos, logos, or pathos 4-5 Objective outside sources. Emphasis should be placed on research from published books, magazines and national newspapers. Do not select all your sources entirely from the Internet. Use a variety of sources and select quality, scholarly research. The rule is one out of every three sources may be an Internet source.
Its ok to cite an online version of magazine/publication in your fast custom essays. Will introduce a strong persuasive argument Do not cite from dictionaries, encyclopedias, tabloids, or Reader’s Digest. These are not considered scholarly research material. This includes online encyclopedias. Note: I will be turning this essay into a speech so please be clear about each point and arguments and full develop them. Thanks.